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Katastrofar is a supremely deadly, destructive, and intelligent Xenomorph, whose might, legend, and infamous bloodlust is coveted and reviled across the far reaches of the galaxy as one who inspires fear, loathing, and abject annihilation. Specifically, Katastrofar is the bastard child of both a Yautja and Xenomorph royal bloodline, and it is this gene pool which has allowed him to ascend to an incredible state of intelligence and power, as one who is perhaps the single deadliest and most powerful hybrid of Yautja and Xenomorph alike, Katastrofar has worked tirelessly to forge his own identity and prove his power throughout the course of his life, thus prompting an entire civilization of followers to swear their eternal loyalty to him as one who is the emperor of all predalien kind.


As a yautja/xenomorph hybrid, Katastrofar exhibits the physical characteristics of both the corresponding races he was born out of. Though unmistakably a xenomorph, Katastrofar is perceived as one with heavily increased musculature definition in comparison to other xenomorphs. He is of an utterly herculean musculature, one which permits him to overwhelm and break the bodies of those who challenge him with casual ease. As one who is also born of royal blood, Katastrofar is both a Yautja and Xenomorph emperor, meaning he utterly towers over other members of his species as an enormous beast, and has the some large, elongated head which all Xenomorph's are known for, though he also has the yautja's signature biological tendril-like limbs growing out of the sides of his head. A total of six large eyes also permit him to view and process images in the same way as predators, overcoming the inherent blindness xenomorphs have, while also having the signature.

Katastrofar also has many unique features which define him as an unmistakable individual even by the rare yautja xenomorph hybrid standard. His body itself seems to have morphed and shaped to form a suit of highly effective biological armor, a myriad of hyper-dense biological, and super hardened armor plates decorated an a network of spikes and other effective means to ward off the attacks of others. He also has a large pair of wings which can be used for flight, and a total of six arms which vary in size, the largest being the two which grow out of his shoulders, the other four growing progressively smaller as they grow out of his torso. Katastrofar is also noted as being a creature with a distinctive dark red color, whose skin is decorated in a number of tiger-like printings and patterns, making him all the more unique. An enormous network of scars also decorate his frame, and a number of his limbs have been replaced with cybernetic implants and weapons, all serving as testament to the sheer experience and number of duels he has participated in throughout the course of his life.


Katastrofar is absurdly intelligent. He is an intellectual genius surpassing both of the races responsible for his conception for leaps and bounds. While he is extremely bloodthirsty, violent, an extremely advanced and experienced warrior, he is more than just a mindless beast, as one who is a hybrid of yautja and xenomorph he seems to have been gifted with drastically enhanced intelligence. Katastrofar is a true leader, one who is charming, intellectual, and persuasive. He has an extraordinairily fast growth rate and can learn complicated and difficult systems of knowledge and understanding such as science, chemistry, biology, psychology, engineering, mathematics, and many, many more, all of which he has achieved throughout the course of his life in a fraction of the time the creators of these systems did. He has even learned multiple languages, capable of speaking the human tongue with incredible literacy and proficiency as well as the yautja language, aside from being able to perform the traditional method of communication which all xenomorphs use to relay messages and information to one another.





Birth & Early Life




Cybernetic Limb: One of the many artifical implants katastrofar was rebuilt with after his fight with the rogue yautja tribes king. Due to the fact his left arm had been ripped off in the fight, scientists loyal to the predalien emperor fitted a cybernetic replacement limb with increased power and capacity in comparison to his original flesh and blood arm. This cybernetic limb functions like a weapon, and can be transformed into two powerful weapons, either an extremely deadly sword, or a powerful rapid-fire chain gun similar to the minigun technology used by those of the human species. Because of this, Katastrofar's cybernetic limb is one of the single most valuable and deadly weapons at his disposal, as it can always be used if no other weapons are made available to him.

Twin Plasma Casters:

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