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Template:CharactersPvt. Katherine Jones Masters is a Yumtja woman and former member of the United States Colonial Marine Corps. She is also the beloved wife of former marine Don Masters.


Much like Don's origin; Kate's origin actually was in the same room she was born in as her future mate. She was taken and trained to be a pilot for the USCMC; where as Don was trained as a marine. Kate was trained like Don and trained with mixed martial arts. Despite being a pilot; Kate was treated extraordinarily well.


Kate was dispatched on her first mission as a private; aboard the USS Sephora, while rescuing the USS Sulaco in orbit over LV-426. She was given a job as a pilot on board a UD-4L Cheyenne Dropship; which was also a ship that Don was on as well. When the Sulaco opened fire on the Sephora; the ship was destroyed and it sent debris everywhere, which also struck the dropship she and Don were aboard. The ship was damaged severely and they ended up going planet side.

Planet Side

Upon crash landing on the planet; Kate and Don were the only 2 to have made it out of the wreckage of the downed dropship. They traveled for 2 days in the right direction thanks to Don's wrist computer.

Mating Season

On the night before regrouping with a large squadron of marines; Don and Kate camped for the night. They set up shelter, ate and got some rest for the next day's travel. Kate later on woke up and woke up Don too; which led to him comforting her. She told him her dream and the strangest thing was that he had the exact same dream.

This led to them actually engaging in sexual intercourse; as well as discovering that they were both one and the same species. When they were having sex; they both scratched each other leading to them seeing they had the same glowing red blood.


The next day; both Kate and Don arrived with the marines and they boarded an APC which was going to storm a Weyland-Yutani FTL-Capable Ship before it got off planet. They stormed the base and fought their way to the ship where they managed to get aboard before take off. Kate assisted in helping Don on taking command of the bridge.

Return Home

Kate and Don were the only two still up where as everyone else was in their cryotubes; which their course was Earth. When they returned home; Don and Kate were awarded the Medal of Honor by the President of the United States. Weyland-Yutani later set her and Don on a planet where hopefully they would mate and reproduce fertile offspring and start a new race.

The New Race

Weyland-Yutani also sent more of their kind to the planet; which later turned into a race called the Yumtja.


When Weyland-Yutani needed the Yumtja as troops; they sent dropships to bring them to their desired location. Yumtja on the other hand rioted and rebelled against their human counterparts and left nothing to survive.

Rise to Power

By this time; the Yumtja people actually announced that Kate and Don would be their god king and queen. Kate and Don were honored to accept their title and job.

Powers & Abilities

Kate's physiology is known to be made of both the Yautja and Human DNA; Therefore she does possess several capabilities that make her extremely unique from other lifeforms.

  • Immortality: Because of the Yautja-Human hybridization; the DNA of the Yautja is known to be long lived. Her DNA is actually capable of replicating constantly; therefore being possible for him to not age.
  • Superhuman Strength: Kate's strength is known to be more powerful than any human's and despite possessing a human half; she is actually capable of engaging a pure Yautja in combat and have the strength to break bones.
  • Superhuman Speed: Her speed is known to be faster than any human and even a Yautja's speed.
  • Superhuman Agility: Kate's agility is also extremely amazing. She is known to actually have the capability of dodging attacks with moves that cannot be even matched by a professional gymnast.
  • Superhuman Leap: Because of a Yautja's natural capability to leap farther than a human's; Kate possesses a leap that can over exceed the Yautja's leap.
  • Supermentality: The mentality of the Yautja is known to be extremely intelligent; meaning that Kate's mentality is extremely intelligent as well.
  • Genetic Memory: When she was born from the Yautja's DNA; Kate is capable of remembering everything about the Yautja's life, code of honor, hunts, language; even their knowledge on creating weapons and technology.
  • Heightened Senses: Because she is a hybrid of the Yautja and Human; Kate is known to possess the ability to change her spectrum of light; going from the UV spectrum to the common Human spectrum. She even has the capability of seeing Xenomorphs while in the dark and even in plain sight. Her sense of smell; as well as her hearing is also extremely heightened to hear things and smell things that no other species can smell and hear.
  • Accelerated Healing: Kate's healing is known to be extremely fast and known to actually heal as soon as she sustains injury. She also is capable of regenerating lost limbs as well.

Kate is known to speak many languages; ranging from the modern and ancient languages of Earth and even the Yautja's language.


Like every other known species encountered by the USMC; Don is known to be just as vulnerable to conventional and unconventional weapons. He doesn't stay down for long however due to his healing.

Weapons & Equipment

Kate was known to have utilized plenty of weapons while in the service and even as the god queen of the Yumtja.

  • M39 Submachine Gun: Was Kate's primary weapon of choice that was issued to her by the Marines.
  • 88 Mod 4 Combat Pistol: Kate was known to carry this pistol as her sidearm.
  • PPP-79: Is Kate's nowaday weapon of choice. This was designed after the Yumtja declared themselves their own people.
  • Wrist Computer: Kate is known to wield the same wrist computer as her husband and it is also the source for her cloaking device.

Personality & Traits

Despite being a serious and frosty marine; Kate is known to be easy to get a long with most of the time; however that's if you're on her good side. She is also known to be a compassionate and very faithful wife and mother.