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LV-5449 is a planet with a tropical climate and massive amount of natural resources. It was discovered by Lasalle Bionational, a rival of Weyland-Yutani Corporation.

Planetary Description

While the high concentration of carbon dioxide makes the planet uninhabitable to humans, LV-5449 is a paradise for Yautja. Xenomorphs, since they do not require respiration of any sort, can also live here.

The climate is comparable to that in the tropical rainforests on Earth. The average temperature is 34°C and humidity is excessive. 94% of the planet is covered with a giant rainforest, which lays on the main continent. 2% is covered with frozen wastes at the North and South Pole of the planet. The remaining 4% is a large ocean which surrounds the main continent and the both pole continents.

aluminium, titanium and iron are plentiful on LV-5449.

Native life-forms

nearly 240 different fish species are found in the main ocean of LV-5449, and the rainforests house 70 different mammal, reptile and amphibian species, coming to a total of 210 species. 5000 species of insect are found worldwide. This adds up to 5450 species on the entire planet; a rather small number compared to earth's 8.7 million. the words "mammal," "reptile," "fish" and "insect" are used in the loosest possible manner, as the creatures found on LV-5449, while bearing certain similarities to animals found on earth, are vastly different biologically.


Gigantic Dragon Saurian (Extinct)

Gigantic Dragon Saurian during an attack.

The Gigantic Dragon Saurian was a reptilian apex predator. strictly carnivorous, it had no natural enemies, but was also very rare. they were extremely territorial, each one claiming a small region of the planet and letting no other saurians enter it except during mating season, which lasted only a week, leaving little time to reproduce. however, Gigantic Dragon Saurians were extremely long-lived, were exceedingly hard to kill without high-powered weaponry, and, despite being carnivores, could go for long periods without food, and were apparently intelligent enough to limit their hunting. in fact, Gigantic Dragon Saurians had been seen interacting peacefully with prey species on numerous occasions.

Gigantic Dragon Saurians were also the victims of several experiments from Lasalle Bionational, which wanted to explore if there are organisms that can´t be infected by Xenomorph embryos. These projects were collectively called the Everson Experiment. The extinction of this species was caused by these experiments.

Metamorph Hound (Extinct)

The original form of Metamorph Hounds is similar to Yautja Hell-Hounds except a few minor differences. This is the reason scientists suspect they are related to the Hell-hounds in an unknown way.

A very interesting ability is that Metamorph Hounds can morph their outer appearance into other creatures appearance they have touched. These other creatures have to be in a comparable size and also have to be reptiles or mammals.

Metamorph Hounds are totally herbivorous and non-aggressive. They would never attack any other life-forms except for self-defense. These are major differences to the Yautjas Hell-hounds. Attempts by the Yautja to use this species in the same way as Hell-hounds have all failed.

metamorph hounds were also rather rare prior to the everson experiment. evidence of alien activity on the planet has been found, and it is possible that large groups of the hounds were taken off-world. considering the metamorph hound's abilities, it is possible that the faceless is, in fact, an extensively-modified metamorph hound.

Other life-forms

In the later history of the planet a group of Yautja hunters discovered the planet and started hunting the predators of the planetary ecosystem to improve their skills. A few years after the first hunting season the Yautjas founded a colony on the planet and began living there.

Because of an unknown reason the Yautja colony were destroyed and only 150 years later the human company Lasalle Bionational landed on the planet and established a Scientific Research Station called Esol Prime. Later on the USCM joined them with a military base cause of security problems which were triggered by a Xenomorph infestation. After Weyland-Yutani heard the latest news about this Xenomorph infestation they also founded a Scientific Research Station on the planet and brought more humans to LV-5449.

After a short time the Xenomorphs had taken over the whole planet and infected every possible organism which is tall enough to be used as a host by the Facehuggers. These Events lead to a creation of uncountable new host-based strains. At the moment Xenomorphs are the only life-forms living on the planet.


(See also: Sauriomorph)

sauriomorphs are a host-based strain of Xenomorphs, which was breeded by a Gigantic Dragon Saurian. These kind of Aliens are very strong and could maul a Praetorian to death with only one hit of their claws. Their height ranges from 15 to 20 feet, and they are extremely aggressive, refusing to cooperate with hives and attacking all other creatures on sight, mirroring the territorial behavior of its host (but in a much more aggressive manner.)


(See also: Exomorph)

This type of Xenomorph is a product of the fusion of the impregnated embryo with its breeder. Out of this melting process results the perfect guard for the Hive´s Queen. It´s instinct to protect its Queen is unsurpassable. The Exomorph would even sacrifice its own life. The outer appearance and the height of the creature differs from host to host, but normaly is comparable to the size of a Praetorian and in later stages of evolution to the size of a Queen. In some cases the Specimen can be even larger, but also smaller. On LV-5449 only one specimen was seen which was hosted by a Yautja who had returned to the planet while the humans already had built their bases.