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Lamen Border is a desert planet with many rocky mountain. It is one of many borders planet that have a dangerous enviorment and a very special border planet.

History of Lamen

Lamen was first found in 4,563,709,342 BPW by the Architecian. When it was found, the planet still in formation process. It was first used for Minotaur Facility. The Minotaur Facility develop an artifical weapon and sell it to Fghylexian. But in 4,563,709,222 BPW when the Daemon campaign started, this facility is one of the first planet they destroyed. This planet is remain nothing until it reached the final stage of the planet formation process.

The Foundation

In 2,000,005,352 BPW Lamen is the home of the Margan. Because Margan is very great builder, they easly make a home base for their civilazation. Margan then make alliance with the remain of Fghylexian for their economic. But Margan refused to share Lamen with Fghylexian and because of Margan act, they almost started an economic war. The Margan also have to defend their planet from the Scoripraxx , the native creature of Lamen. Margan the make peace with other civilazation except Margan. Many civilazation agreed of the Margan act but the Fghylexian start a war against other civilazation with help of the Architecian. Because of the Architecian vast knowledge, they created a weapon great enough to wipe out entire galaxy.

Many civilazation lost contact with the other. Finally with their desperate, they make contact with earth ambassador named Mark Bruiser. Earth than send help with Mark as Earth commander. Because mark is the son of the greatest scientist in the omniverse, Stanley Bruiser, the civilazations and earth driven out Fghylexian from the Ivreem universe. After the end of the war, Margan and many other civilazation made the Universe Republic.

Birth of the Border - Civil War

In 2,000,003,231 BPW, the galactic gangster commision murdered the Y'guoath ambassador in planet Vhrool. Planet Vhrool is located 14.4 AU from Lamen. So the republic is tighten the security by making border-planet on outer rim galaxy. If there is a ship passing by and not docking on border-planet, the republic will shot immeadiatley without caution to the crossing ship. By making this border, the republic automatically send legion into the planet. Many species was disturbed. Also every ship, army ship or even passanger ship have to pay credit to republic. Civilian people think that is the cunning chance for the new republic economic. In 2,000,003,209 BPW Marcus L'Mara lead a civil army to retake the Lamen. In the same time, on the 10th month of earth, civil war started in Lamen. It caused many casualties among human, arkanian, and many other aliens. Finally, in 2,000,003,191 BPW the republic, by help from Holy Order of Jedi Knights, they moved the civilian to Tromin System.

The Civil War has ended with very great collateral damage. With Marcus still alive, they have seperate the rebel civil from the republic. Lamen now doesn't have any resident. The Universe Republic then made a mining facility for an excavation of Ploa rock that used for Kryo Energy. For 5 years there is no problem in Lamen. Then in 2,000,003,180 BPW Lamen tighten the security for the border.

Operation Cataphract

In 2,000,003,076 BPW Lamen has a become popular place for border-planet. The only problem for Lamen is the swarm of Scoriapraxx . The swarm sometimes make trouble for the ship that want to dock in Lamen. Also smugglers are the second problems in Lamen. In 2,000,003,070 BPW the republic execute operation Cataphract. The operation objective is to eleminate the Scoriapraxx from Lamen. The operation itself is lead by a Notorian name Grabarck. Three legion than went to Scoriapraxx nest. When they are inside the nest, it was like a massacre, all of the legion been wiped out by swarm of Scoriapraxx. Many of the legion army was missied from the operation and went rogue.

Because there were no army left, the universal republic called for help to Omnicide Coalition . The coalition then answer their help and beggin the new operation. It was a succesfull even though there is few survivors. After Operation Cataphract was success, Omnicide Coalition brought some of Scoriapraxx eggs to planet D-765 Sklazak. It was used as test subject of Remelia researchers.


Lamen has been home for Scoriapraxx for 12,000,000 years. It has a rocky mountain with desert as environment. There are no human on the planet until it was used in 2,000,005,352 BPW. This planet also have many material energy and that is the reason this planet is used by many colonies to made a facility or mining.

This planet contains: 18.76% of CO2, 9.02% of H20, 56.28% of Kryo, and 15.94% of Oxygen.

Lamen has atmosphere with 5 layer. Barion, Xenon, Xerian, Hidroxera, and Aganymph. The Xerian layer is the most dangerous atmosphere layer because it contains 40.57% of Arsen element.


  • Lamen is one of many planets that have 5 layer of atmosphere
  • In the heart of Supramax mining, the Architecian has found the Zchileon energy, the very little piece of Deouxformazanziscar pure sub-atomic energy and kept it under Septilon space facility under the secret protection of Lamen secret intelligence.
  • One of the survivor of operation Cataphract is the infamous Ryahh.
  • Lamen was home of the Daemons sometimes in 4,563,709,221 BPW.