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Layla Williams is a fan character created by YueHatake 20:39, December 16, 2010 (UTC)YueHatake. Please don't edit without the writer's permission.

Layla Williams is supposedly a spoiled rich kid, which she is, but she hates her life. She is repeatedly teased and decided to run away from home at age 17. Her mother and father are snooty and covered up her runaway.


Layla met a Yautja Elite when she ran away to live in the sewers of a colony. He spared her and she decided to follow him and he thinks of her as a big annoyance. Still, he continues to protect her when she gets into trouble.

Life Wreckers

Her life was ruined when her close brother, Vick, was taken away by a Weyland-Yutani Corporation scientist. Angry, depressed, and vengeful, Layla swore to make the Corporation pay for wronging her. She ran away and secretly hid in the sewers that was below the Colony that her brother was in. She was almost impreganted by a facehugger when the Yautja Elite saved her.

The Stranger

After being saved by the Elite, she annoyed the Yautja countless times. While they traveled, Layla often told the 'Stranger' about her brother Vick and how she planned on saving him. She didn't know if he ever listened or not, but she felt assured that he did. When the Yuatja decided to travel by jumping trees, she would usually cry for him to help, which he did but with annoyance. He finally decided to have Layla hold onto his shoulders, but a few times she let go by accident, which annoyed him even more.

Most of the time, Layla asks him about his family and his wife, because she thinks of him as an equal human and doesn't know that his Clan was slaughtered by a Hive of strong xenos. He ususally growls at her, and she tries to keep asking, but usually quiets down.