Meat bag was a Xenomorph Drone


Early Life

As a young chestburster he ripped out of his host. He then escaped into the colony he was left in. The young chestburster was the last Xenomorph on the planet. His sisters and brothers had been wiped out. He scurried around the colony, feeding off his old host. When he matured he became a Drone.

Vengence on the Humans.

The Colony was unaware that a Xenomorph was alive, it was about to make itself known. Meat bag got into the sewer system and snuck into human houses. He killed the humans, he continued for days. The Marines were sent, they were murdered. The Xenomorph was on a killing spree. The colonists decided to evacuate, he snuck onto a ship. He waited till it landed and he scurried out. He was on a Weyland-Yutani ship, the perfect prey. He killed some people and hid the bodies. When the ship came to a different Colony he was captured. He would have died if Karl Bishop Weyland didn't want him. He was put into restraints, he stayed there for months.

EscapeWhen Specimen six freed the Xenomorphs, six didn't free Meat bag. Meat bag was freed when the power went out. Meat bag killed twelve people before escpaing. The Queen was freed and Meat followed the Xenomorphs. Meat was excepted by the Queen because he was from her. She was taken to the facility before he burst, he began making a nest for the queen. He captured Humans and impregnated them, then the marines came. He killed them and found that some doors were open he escpaed to the colony. When six shut down human communications, Meat bag was harvesting colonists. He followed six to the ruins of the Yautja Pyramid. Meat attacked humans, while six fought the Yautja. When the Queen died Meat colapsed to the ground. Meat was put on the same ship with six

The Dead hero

Six matured to a Praetorian, Meat and six killed the crew of the ship. They built a nest, Meat captured humans. After sometime they made it to Xenomorph Prime. Meat and the new born Xenomrphs ran out to the planet, but they were not alone. Humans and Predators had come to the planet. Meat captured humans for inprgnation, one human though escaped. Meat and this human fought both fleft a mark on the other. The human was cut across the face, Meat had a slash on the head. This human was The Rookie, he and a team of Marines arrived at the ship, to kill the Queen. Meat and other Xenomorphs attacked the humans, Rookie and Meat were left. They fought, Meat gave the Rookie a head bite and was badly wounded before retretinng back to the ship but Meat had suvere wound died on the battlefield with his fellow xenomorphs