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Chapter 1

A Group of Six Fully Armed Federation Space Marines tredded down a Chozo Ruin Hallway. A Strange Blue Goo covered the Walls. "Nobody touch nuthin'." Ordered a Captain. "The Hell is this Stuff?" Inquired a Marine. "Hell if i know... Would'nt touch it Private." Responded the Captain. The Marine backed away. They continued down the Hallway and came to a sealed Door. "Get the Battering Ram Droid." Ordered the Captain. On the other side of the Door, in a Massive Hall, the Deacon lay asleep on his Throne. He awoke to the sound of a Banging. He stirred from his Seat. He took a swig of Phaazon from his Chalice. A sly grin grew across his Face. He threw the Chalice to the Ground and walked forward. After a few more Bangs the Marines burst in. They readied their Weapons and surrounded the Deacon. "The Hell is this thing!?" Wimpered a Marine. "Keep it together, Jenkins." Spoke another. The Deacon picked up his Chalice and imitated making a Toast. "Gentlemen... I was just Starving for a Drink... And a Meal." Grinned the Deacon who then dropped the Chalice. A Black Goo whip developed on his Arm and he unleashed a Volley of Attacks. The Deacon dodged every shot and assaulted the Marines with the Goo Whip. He chopped Jenkins in Half and stunned another. He grabbed the Marine and bit into his Neck, then threw the Body to the Ground. A Shot hit his back. He turned around and faced the others. He held out his Hand and a Phaazon Crystal Sword developed and he grabbed it. He chopped up Three more Marines, making them into Human Sushi. The Captain brought up his Energy Shield. The Deacon grinned. His Sword desolved. His Arms set Ablaze with Blue Phaazon Fire and he brought down the Captain's Shields with his fiery punishment. He then ripped the stunned Captain in half and laughed in victory. He sat back in his Throne. "Ridley! Finish off those at their Base Camp... They are done here." Hissed Deacon. Ridley, who would of passed for a Statue before, sprung to life and flew through the Open Roof. Dark Samus arose from a Puddle of Phaazon and walked over to the Deacon's Throne and sat on the Arm of it. "Impressive." Whispered Dark Samus as she stroked Deacon's Spiked Head. "Pests... Not worth your Lord's Time." Chuckled Deacon. "And you made them know your Might." Hissed Dark Samus.

Chapter 2

Samus stood in the Briefing Room on Federation Ship - Sierra F-16. Aurora Unit - 117 uploaded Data Files to Samus' Suit. "As you can see, contact with Team Alpha was lost 24 Hours ago. Strange Energy Readings have spiked dramatically since then. We wish for you, Bounty Hunter, to investigate. The Reward will be satisfactory as always." Briefed A-117. Samus nodded. "Good." Commented A-117. Samus prepared to leave. "Wait. I must inform you that the Federation wishes for Marine Team Phi to accompany you on your Mission." Informed A-117. "I work alone." Replied Samus. "Regretably not on this." Responded A-117. Samus was silent. "I take your Silence as Compliance." Stated A-117. Samus grudgingly nodded. "Good. Head to Hanger B." Commented A-117.

Samus walked up to her Gunship. It had been Cleaned by the Federation while she was in Briefing. "Hmph. Atleast their Welcoming." Remarked Samus. She turned and looked at the Dropship. "So... It's the Federation's Elite Marines? Hope they got good training." Mumbled Samus. She patted her Gunship and then headed over to the Dropship. "May aswell meet the Juniors." Samus remarked. She was greeted by a Warrent Officer. "Bounty Hunter Samus... It's an Honor." Stuttered the Officer. Samus nodded. "I hope your Marines are well prepped." Said Samus. "Yes. Yes. They are... Well prepared for the Dangers ahead. We've seen numerous Tours of Duty." Smiled the Officer. "How many Combat Drops?" Inquired Samus. "Twenty. Including this one." Responded the Officer. "Good... You expect Combat." Replied Samus. The Officer nodded. "It's time we get set to go." Informed Samus. "Right away Sir... Err Ma'am. Err..." Stuttered the Officer. "Do i look like i'm in charge here Officer? You're the Leader. I'm just the Bounty Hunter." Replied Samus. The Officer nodded and smiled. Samus nodded and headed over to her Ship.

Both Parties got into their respective Ships and prepared to launch. After checking everything was in order they blasted off into the Cold Reaches of Space and towards Planet Tallon-II.

Chapter 3

Chozo Ruins.

Deacon was sat in his Throne with a Large Dining Table now placed in the Room. Deacon, Ridley and Dark Samus were eating a large Meal of Phaazon Wine and the Meats of many Animals. "We have it cosy here my Friends." Chuckled Deacon as he Juggled a Human Skull in his Left Hand. "With the power of my Space Pirates and your Xenomorphs combined, we are the Ultimate Force in the Galaxy." Grinned Ridley. Deacon layed back and put his Hands behind his Head. "Not to mention Dark Sammy's Generous Donation of Phaazon. Loving the Purple Hair by the way." Replied Deacon as he picked his Teeth. "Oh if you wern't so loyal to Raine..." Daydreamed Dark Samus. "I may be a Ruthless Warlord but i know how to treat my Girls." Boasted Deacon. Dark Samus sighed. Deacon chuckled. "You're just full of yourself sometimes." Spoke Ridley. "True my Friend, True. But what can i say? I'm a Chick Magnet." Grinned Deacon. "Now you sound like Scourge." Remarked Ridley. "I'd like to be full of you, Deacon." Dark Samus continued to Day dream, Eyes fixed on Deacon. "Maybe one day you will." Taunted Deacon. Dark Samus sighed. "Keep that up and she'll be your Amy." Laughed Ridley. "I do like Crazy Chicks." Scoffed Deacon. Dark Samus nearly fainted with yet another sigh. "Oh come on then, you can sit on my Lap if it..." Deacon could'nt finish his Sentance before Dark Samus was sat on him with her Arms wrapped around his waist. "Well... Dark Sammy is comfy." Remarked Deacon. "1st Raine and now her." Chuckled Ridley. "You're a Chick Magnet too Ridster... Only they want to kill you... Repeatedly." Smirked Deacon. "Yeah... That Christmas Joke was good though." Replied Ridley. "Hey Samus, what are your Parents getting you for Christmas? Ha! Classic!" Smiled Deacon. Dark Samus grabbed Deacon's Hand and moved it from her Back to her Backside. "She just won't stop." Stated Ridley. "No Objections from me." Sniggered Deacon. "Just what is it with you?" Inquired Ridley. "I'm a... Smooth Criminal." Grinned Deacon.

Chapter 4

Both Samus' Gunship and the Marines' Dropship landed in the Centre of a Jungle.

Samus exited her ship and jumped down to the ground. She looked around. Nothing but Birds and Bugs. The 12 Marines exited their Dropship. "We got Rifles, Bombs, Bazookas, Machineguns, Gatling Guns, Rocks, Sharp Sticks, electronic ball breakers!" Boasted one of the Marines to another. "We get it Harry." Moaned a Marine. "Wake up, Buttercup!" Said one Marine as he nudged a Sleeping Comrade. "Damn it, Lopez." The Marine moaned. Samus meanwhile had been scouting the Area. "Strong and Silent type?" Commented Lopez to Harry. Harry was chewing Bubblegum. "Mmm hum... Strong and Silent has many meanings." Chuckled Harry. Lopez started to Laugh. The Officer walked past them "You feel like meeting a Super Missile today Private?" Officer Buck questioned. "Havn't you heard? I got a Super Missile of my own." Joked Harry. Lopez continued to laugh. Without the others noticeing Samus was now stood on a Ridge behind them. "All clear." Samus informed. Buck nodded and motioned for the others to get moving. "Babysitting. Great." Mumbled Samus.

Chapter 5

Pi'orth Jungle.

Samus walked along the upper Ridge as the Marines walked below. Small Goat like Animals scampered away as the group trudged on by. "Damn this Jungle is Hot!" Commented Lopez. "Yeah. But it's a Dry Heat." Harry replied. Samus thought to herself about how they wouldn't shut up. They neared a Lake. "We'll set up Base here. We got the Mountains covering our Back and a clear view of the Area." Ordered Buck as they came to a Halt. "Phew. Getting tired of carrying all this Junk." Commented a Marine. "You and me both, Carmine, you and me both." Chuckled Harry. "But you ain't carrying... Oh nevermind." Muttured Carmine.

After setting up Base Camp everyone but Samus settled down. The Marines were relaxing and getting a Meal. Samus had just been sitting on the Ridge, looking towards the Sky. Officer Buck was talking to Aurora Unit - 117 through the Holocomm Network. "After they finish up their Meal i will be briefing them on their next Objective." Said Buck. "Very good Officer. I bid you farewell." Informed A-117 Buck nodded as the Hologram flicked off.

Carmine was sat at the Lake, throwing Skipping Stones across the Water. "Ya know. One of them Fish ain't gonna take too kindly to that." Commented Lopez. "They're just Fish. They won't mind." Responded Carmine. As another Stone skipped across, something awoke. It started to move. Carmine was about to throw another when a Xenomorph burst out of the Water and Hissed. Carmine fell backwards and screamed. Jumping into Action Samus fired a shot from her Arm Cannon. The Ball of Energy hit the Xeno in the Shoulder and it roared in Pain. Samus fired another but the Xeno dived into the Water and out of the way. "I told ya... Them Fish are real dangerous." Laughed Lopez. Carmine was still Hyperventilating. "F*ck you, man." Responded Carmine. "That wasn't a Fish." Stated Samus. The Marines stopped laughing and showed signs of concern. "Well... Now we know the Wildlife are easy to Piss off." Spoke Buck. The Marines went back to eating. "Could it really have been one of them?" Pondered Samus. Everything had happened so fast it was like a Blur, she needed Answers.

Chapter 6

Chozo Ruins.

The wounded Xenomorph limped through the Hallways. Drops of Blue Acid Blood burning through the Floors as it walked along. It reached the Hall. Deacon was still sitting in his Throne, with Dark Samus still trying to Seduce him. "I said before, i'm still Loyal to Raine." Chuckled Deacon. "Oh come on... She doesn't have to know." Moanded Dark Samus. "Oh she'll know." Replied Deacon. "Oh... You're no Fun." Moanded Dark Samus. "Now i know you're lieing." Grinned Deacon. The Xenomorph coughed for Attention. Dark Samus frowned due to the Interruption. "What is it, Soldier?" Questioned Deacon. "I encountered Humans... A very Distinct Female managed to injure me with her Arm Cannon..." Informed the Xenomorph. Ridley sprung to life and growled. The Space Pirate Leader spread his Wings and flew out of the Open Roof. "Well... He's pissed." Joked Deacon. "Get yourself down to the Medical Bay." Ordered Deacon. The Xenomorph bowed and then limped off.

Chapter 7

Ridley flew through the Air with impecible Speed he kept looking for where the Humans may be. Samus was looking into the Horizan when she saw a 'blot' flying through the Air. As it neared she could see a Dragon like Shape. "Ridley..." Samus mumbled. The Space Pirate Leader landed on a Mountain and Roared. The Marines sprung into Action and opened fire. Ridley shrugged the blasts off and roasted one Marine wit his Fire Breath. "Mendez!" Screamed Carmine. Ridley wacked a few out of the way. "Kill it! Kill it!" Screamed Harry as he fired his Gatling Blaster. "Weaklings!" Growled Ridley as he threw Harry into a Tent. 

A Charge Shot hit Ridley on the back of the Head. He turned around to see Samus. "Well... Finally something worth my Time!" Ridley said. He grabbed Samus and flew into the Air. Samus charged her Cannon and blasted Ridley's Hand. He dropped Samus as he yelped. Samus started to freefall. Firing Energy Blasts at the Space Pirate as she descended. She performed a Mid-Air flip and landed safely. She looked up to see Ridley swooping down. She looked around and noticed she was in a Chozo Ruin. She fired at Ridley and dodged out of the way as the Space Pirate took a swipe. Ridley landed on a Statue and roared. Samus fired a Missile but Ridley ducked. The Blast caused a part of the Broken Roof to fall down, Samus jumped out of the way. Ridley flew at her and wacked her into a Wall. Out of the Smoke a Missile flew and hit Ridley in the Face. "Gyaah!" Yelled Ridley as he stumbled. Samus kicked him in the Face and shot his Neck as she landed on his Head. Ridley grabbed her and threw her into the Statue. Samus used Morphball Boost to collide into Ridley's Face, sending him crashing into a Wall. Ridley flew out of the Smoke and grabbed Samus. She shot his Face repeatedly but he slammed her into the Ground. Ridley flew into the Air with Samus and then nose-dived.

They crashed through the Floor and started to fall through a Cavern. Samus broke free and jumped on Ridley's Chest. She kicked his Throat and shot into his Mouth. Ridley screamed in Pain and swiped Samus into the Wall. He regained control and flew out. Samus disconnected from the Wall and fell. Landing in a Cavern, uncouncious.

Chapter 8