The Miseenians were a race of tentacle-faced humanoids native to the Outer Rim planet Miseen. Some of them were the survivors of a shipwreck that crashed on the planet Balnab, and the survivors settled down and became the only intelligent species on the world. C-3PO and R2-D2 landed on Balnab after the ship became low on fuel and some of those survivors held them hostage and took them to the "god" of Balnab, named Albee Dewaw. Soon after, R2 and C-3PO uncovered the truth behind the "god", much to the fury of the species as they believed Albee Dewaw to be a real entity. The Miseenians was also known as the Balnab. The bounty hunter Oked was a Miseenian. The owner of the cantina Plop Dribble's, Loubo, was also a Miseenian. Another Miseenian could also be seen inside Plop Dribble's.

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