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Monger, Yaktut, was a Black Super Predator.


The black tribe

Monger was in the black tribe, who hunted on the gaming reserve. He was the leader of a group of three Black Super Predators.

Every other season his group would go to hunt on the reserve.

The reserve

He and the other Predators abducted eight humans, and nine insectoid aliens worthy to hunt. He and his group encountered the humans, three got away, monger followed them. He found they had taken refuge in the Predator camp, he attacked. He killed two of them, only a Traid member was left. The two dueled with their sword and wristblade, the Traid gave Monger a few cuts. The Traid charged at Monger who jumped out of the way and killed the Traid. He took his skull as a trophy and found the rest of his group. They went after the insectiods after Monger found their location with his Predator falcon. The predators advanced towards the location and prepared to hunt. He found three of the aliens and killed them, he brought their skinned bodies to the camp. While hanging the bodies an Alien brought the fight to him, he was pushed but got back up. He dismembered the alien's arm then cut its head off, he let out a war cry of victory. His group retunred with the rest of the alien bodies, they left the reserve for next season.