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a record of tests conducted on multiple mutanurmorphs, in which each creature was exposed to an animal in order to provoke the creature into using it's "gene-stealing" ability.

test #1: Oxyuranus microlepidotus

initial reaction: subject ignored the taipan at first, but eventually the snake became aggressive and attacked the subject. subject crushed the taipan's skull underfoot, then initiated the "genestealing" process.

result: subject's "stinger" now houses a potent myotoxin, used for paralyzing potential hosts.

notes: "the fact that the mutanurmorph only reacted when provoked is intriguing; most xenomorph variants attack all non-botanical life on sight. The fact that the creature's new venom isn't lethal (unlike the inland taipan's) is also interesting. this shows the mutanurmorph has the ability to choose very specific bits of genetic code. perhaps these creatures are more intelligent than we give them credit for." -- Dr. Braddock

test #2: Crocodylus porosus

initial reaction: subject was immediately hostile towards the crocodile. though the crocodile was far larger and stronger than the subject, it was less mobile on land, and ultimately died after taking a stinger to the brain. the subject then initiated the genestealing process.

result: subject's muscle mass increased exponentially, especially in the jaw muscles, giving the subject a bite force of 18,000 psi. the subject became highly aggressive and chewed it's way out of it's containment cell. subject was terminated by security forces.

test #3: Chamaeleo monachus

initial reaction: subject ignored the chameleon, but accidentally crushed it while exploring the testing chamber. it then initiated the genestealing process.

result: subject gained ability to change it's skin pigmentation at will.

notes: "well, what did you think was going to happen? it's a chameleon, for Pete's sake." -- Dr. Braddock

test #4: Phyllomedusa bicolor

initial reaction: subject ignored the frog until it vocalized, causing the subject to become hostile. the subject initiated the gene stealing process after slicing it in half with it's claws.

result: subject displayed no outward changes, but tests revealed it was generating large amounts of dermorphin.

test #5: Homo sapiens (captured colonial marine)

initial reaction: subject had already sensed a human presence approaching the test chamber and climbed onto the ceiling. once the marine entered, it dropped down and killed him with a headbite before initiating the gene stealing process.

result: no outward change, but subject became highly aggressive and attempted to escape, showing detailed knowledge of military tactics and close combat methods. subject terminated.

notes: "it appears that the mutanurmorph not only retains the xenomorph's ability to inherit memory, but also has the ability to "steal" memories the same way it steals genes. truly fascinating." -- Dr. Braddock