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The Neomorph is a Oc made by beto09786

The appearance of the Neomorph


The Neomorph is a Zenomorph but unlike any Xenomorph, it has spikes on it’s back and has glowing marks on it’s Legs, Head, Spikes and Arms.


The Neomorph started as a alien egg which was taken away from marines. Scientists tried to experiment with the egg, in one of them causing the egg to glow. This has made the facehugger inside the egg grow up to be a bioluminescent Xenomorph. After impregnating a scientist and going into the vents as a chestbuster, the Neomorph is fully grown. After finding the exit and freeing some few eggs, he has escaped, and is looking for a hive


  • Bioluminence, this lets the marks on the Neomorph glow. It is used to find locations.
  • Stealth: This Xenomorph can sneak on prey and make no sounds.
  • Tongue, tail and teeth: as any xenomorph, the Neomorph holds their common traits such as the sharp end on their tails, A mouth with teeth, and it’s teeth.


  • This is the first glowing Xenomorph.
  • the Oc was drawn on kleki.