The Predator known as Silent Hunter entered the lab and scanned its interior through the filters of his mask. There were bodies everywhere, all half eaten, as if the feeder took a bite from each one, only to be lured by newer, fresher meat. Silent Hunter checked his weapons and prepared to leave. A blinking light caught his eye next to the shattered glass tank at the center of the room. The upper half of a black haired woman rested there, holding the blinking device. Silent Hunter's helmet identified it as a personal recording device and easily hacked into it. A frozen image of the black haired woman, in one piece, appeared in Silent Hunter's field of view. He triggered the playback. The woman stood in front of the tank, which was covered by a sheet. Human military and corporate types surrounded her as she spoke'. Weyland Yutani corporation has created a new breed of xenomorphs. We surgically attach two praetorian face huggers on the face and chest of a human. This and other classified procedures cause the facehuggers to fuse their skin with the human subject during the implantation process after fusing the face hugger on the subjects face falls off but the one on the chest stays.' Xenomorph embryos are redirected to the subjects's stomach, where a specialized enzyme counteracts dangerous stomach acids and protects the embryos until the subject's DNA has been completely rewritten. The process complete, the subject emerges as a human-preatorian hybrid capable of multiple live births, limited only by its voracious appetite, even for its own offspring. This, ladies and gentlemen, is Project Kali.. by CadmiumX99 and some help from Silenthunter276

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