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Nimphians are humans who hide away from Q in jungle planet Of Nimia.


They are pale 2x times larger then a Martian posses light blue/teal glowing eyes also they often wear purple robes and mostly cover their head with a turban like twist also they only wear sandals.


They posses mix of Indus, Muslim and Persian culture they are politeistic type of people who believe in many Muslim,Zoroastrian and Indus gods They buildings have Style of Muslim, Indus and Persian architecture. Also women are rather house wife's who enjoy their job but they have equal laws as their husbands but rather they don't use it.



A large group of Martians founded the Planet as they simply settle down there away from Q and it succeded but 4 thousand years later Martians fell into civil war as later the 4 city's came to existence after civil war in jungles Baghdad in Deserts Mekka in Mountains/Steps Suika and Shiva in forests but after great Crisis on planet Baghdad was un touched.

Early years after Crisis:

The Baghdad citizens called themselves Nimphians which started name for the species but unlike their ancestors they didn't know about space travel.