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The Ordvokians are a race of small, flightless avians native to the Roc System in the Daemoniverse. Many have been enslaved by the Daemons.


These beings frequently grow to be about three feet tall. They stand on two legs, and they have small wings that are unsuitable for grasping. They generally have white plumage.



Since they are incapable of grasping objects, Ordvokians never created advanced technology. Instead, they lived simple lives in the wilderness, taking shelter in caves and other natural formations. They used to be fairly optimistic beings, but that has changed since the Daemon Occupation.


The Ordvokians lived peacefully in the jungles of their homeworld for thousands of years, before the Daemons, led by Umbran, discovered their world and enslaved all Ordvokians found. The Ordvokians are now kept in huge concentration camps. On days of celebration, the Daemons will take the most well-liked individuals are torture them to death.