Necronom IV
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"we are the future, my siblings! if these humans are so intent on destroying themselves, then it is only logical for us to accelerate the process! they can pray to any number of their deities, but they will not stop us! for there is but one god, and it sleeps on xenomorph prime, waiting to tear this galaxy asunder and restore us to our rightful place as the rulers of the cosmos!" ~the Pale King, during one of his "sermons."

The Pale King is the leader of the Skaedrell, a large hive of engineer-spawned white hybrid xenomorphs. As charismatic as he is deadly, the Pale King seeks to awaken an ancient god in order to wage war on the human race, and ultimately turn the xenomorphs into a galaxy-spanning empire. Though he claims this is the will of the Empress, his plot is most likely driven only by selfish motivation.


The Pale King closely resembles the original white hybrid king, but he is much taller, and has a large, falcata-shaped blade in place of a right arm.


Like all white hybrids, the Pale King is sentient, can speak, and can use weapons. He also inherits the memories of his host, which just so happens to be an Engineer scientist. As a result, he displays extensive knowledge of genetics, virology, and cybernetics. Using this knowledge, he made many modifications to himself and the other Skaedrell. These include his blade-arm, a number of muscle enhancers, and various augmentations to his nervous system and cerebral cortex. Enhancements given to other Skaedrell include implanted tactical heads-up displays, surgically-attached firearms, cloaking devices, and subdermal armor plating.