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It has always been in their nature to be parasites. From birth, it's what they do. We shouldn't be surprised that it applied to their own kind as well.


The Xenomorph species is often compared to the hive/social structure of Terran social insects. This analogy seems to be apt, as a recently documented phenomenon within the Weyland-Yutani scientific community studying the creatures has documented a behavior for some colonies that is reminiscient of  Brood Parasitism

Parasite Queens are a specialized breed of Xenomorph Queen that usurps the broods of other Queens, emmanating a pacifying agent that lulls the enemy drones into compliance.


The Parasite Queen has a similar biology to that of a regular Xenomorph Queen, with the exception that it is capable of emitting a field of pheromones that pacify other Xenomorph specimen, regardless of their genetic origin or loyalty to their own Hives.

Parasite Queens fortunately do not have the ability to birth as many Facehuggers as an average Queen specimen, so it instinctually seeks out the nest of another Queen, quickly turning its children against it, and usurping the colony as its new Queen. The Hive's old workers are simply worked to death as the Parasite Queen's spawn prosper.

Parasite Queens are especially feared for their ability to potentially subvert every Xenomorph on a planet, and potentially even other Queens.