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The Pillar of Inferno is the same type of ship as the Pillar of Auttum


This is the Pillar of Auttum's counterpart

The Pillar of Inferno is a ship built for hundreds of marines and elites to live on while they battle the covenet.It's like a home away from home.The ship has a few new features from the Pillar of Auttum.One is every room where everyone sleeps has a computer enabling you to use a video diary to keep track of the days.The ship has powerful plasma cannons for deffense.There is a shooting range for practice as well.


The ship has been boared by covenet about three times.All of them were suprise attacks.The ship has been owned by Tommy for years and is reilable for battle.This ship is where the new spartans are trained.The ship has been infected by flood and Xenomorphs before but they were exterimenated...for now.Near the back of the ship is a science lab where they experiment on xenomorph and flood to find a cure for destroying the embroyo of the Xenomorph and killing the Flood parasite safely to not harm the victim.


1.The Pillar of Auttum and Pillar of Inferno are the same length and height.

2.Also finished on the same day.