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"Intelligent, distinctive. Ruthless leaders approaching their goal of creating biological races to fill their galaxies. Their biomechanical nature is one to praise as it's imagery and symbolism is truly mythological among mortal men."
— Anonymous
Name Avitus Praecessor
Homeworld Domum
Height 8'0", 14'8"
Distinctions Remarkable Human-like appearance
Equipment Biomechanical pressure suits
Types Superior
  • Inferior
Notable Facts Predates humanity and responsible for genetic engineering
Other Names Space Jockey, Engineer
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Praecessors (otherwise known as Engineers or Space Jockeys) are extraterrestrial beings specializing in biomechanical science and genetic engineering. They are directly responsible for the creation of mankind as per the request of multiple Superiors within their race. The entire species are formed of 2 sub-species: Inferiors, which are the average workers of their civilization and help develop and terraform colonies and Superiors, the commanding sub-species of the entire race which conduct and orchestrate biological projects.

The Pracessors are responsible for a large number of major events in the universe such as the creation of intelligent life, terraforming and weapons research and creation within the Zeta Reticuli system. However, despite their technological brillliance, Praecessors are yet the slaves of a far more transsentient race.


Despite their long and vast history of revolutionary creations, the exact origin of the Praecessor remains unknown to every sentient being the the galaxy. Although thought to have literally created themselves, Praecessors were, like other high-tech races, biologically engineered by the transsentient being worshiped as a god.