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When the Yaujta clan made of the three most powerful Yaujta born divided decades ago they sought to never cross paths again.But on a day hotter than any other on the planet ruled by the hunter known as Zel'no'di disater hit there planet when three big hunters called the Black Super Predators killed normal Yaujta stalking the stalkers.When the disater happened the three legendary hunters would rise with each other once again.These three hunters were Zel'no'di,Braiidus,and Draiel the most powerful of the Yaujta species.The king Zel'no'di sent a distress call to his to brothers they didn't care about him they came to fight the Black Super Predators for a challenge.When the other two brother had arrived they all saw each other for the first time in 553 years they weren't happy to see each other.When the three Black Super Predators arrived the youngest of each group fought Draiel vs Hexus.Draiel threw his smart disc scraping the armor plate of Hexus the disc returned to Draiel.Now Hexus took his glaive out while Draiel did the same.They smashed the blades into each others making a loud screech then the sparks hit a bush of grass causing a fire to start.Draiel shot his plasmacaster by suprise blowing Hexus right arm off then the mighty Draiel cut the Black Super Predators head off.Now the next two Braiidus and Remna will fight to the death.Their fighted started with Braiidus drawing his wristblades with haste.They slashed each other in the stomach.Then Braiidus charged at Remna roaring.He fliped over Remna took out his Glaive and stabed him in the back.Braiidus then decapitated Remna.Zel'no'di looked at the leader named Zetrae.Zetrae ran and stabbed Braiidus and shot Draiel's shoulder with his plasmacaster.Zel'no'di's eyes turned red with rage ran over to the leader and slashed him in the mask knocking it off.Zetrae did the same to Zel'no'di.They both were the same size and strength making them equals.Zel'no'di let out the loudest battle cry ever in his life and uppercutted Zetrae with his wristblades cutting off the bottom mandibles.Zel'no'di didn't give Zetrae a chance to fight back he was punching,slashing,and stabing Zetrae.Zetrae finally fell on his knees knowing he was defeated and spoke in their language"Finish me you are the better Yaujta!'Zel'no'di put pity upon Zetrae and healed his brothers with his Yaujta medkit.Zetrae then got up and charged at Zel'no'di,Zel'no'di turned around and slashed off the Black Super Predators' head clean off.He then turned back around to his brothers helped them up and got on the ship.Braiidus then stoped hating Zel'no'di.Then the three went on their different ways knowing that if one needs help they will reunite once again but this time as brothers and not rivals.

The end

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