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The Queen Xenocona known as Mama.


A combat android started to scout the jungle of LV-176.Suddenly his foot was in terrible pain as a spear pierced through it.He tried to pull it out but it was stuck in the ground.It was the yautja Zel'no'di.The android fired his Smartgun at the area the spear came from.It was hopless for him to fire at the trees.Zel'no'di started to walk towards the android cloaked.The android saw the hunter for a second and fired towards the area.Even though multiple bullets hit the hunter he was still walking like nothing happened.Zel'no'di then drew his seven foot glaive and decapitated the android from a distance.He then walked over toward the android's body thinking it was dead.He picked up the head looking at it with wonder.The eyes then blinked and the body started to fire at Zel'no'di.He then shot his plasmacaster at the body leaving only small chunks of meat.Zel'no'di then gave a giant battle roar being the winner.

Chapter 1-The mission

"Alright trainees we are going to a colony of marines to pick up survivers from the yautja."Yelled Spartan-116 Tom.

"Snipes you stay in the trees to hide from the hunters."

"Yes sir."Was his reply.

"Everyone else we're going to be on the ground,Snipes you better hope you part Tarzan because your tree hopping and keeping up with us."

"Sir yes sir."They all yelled.

Drop-pods fell from the sky onto the jungle.Everyone wasn't hurt except for Slash who's own knife came undone and stabbed himself.Logan pulled Slash out of the pod and pulled him to his feet.

"Come on dammit get up,are you not going to be able to walk."Sayed Logan after slapping Slashes helmet.

"Not sure but on the bright side the hunter won't kill me if i'm defense less."Sighed Slash.

"True,alright men lets get going and find those marines."Yelled Logan.

Meanwhile,Zel'no'di was traveling the jungle planet with wonder of its species.He looked down to find a small hole which he could hear noise from.He set a proximity mine on the ground stepped back and activated it.He then jumped down in the dark cave.He was walking around with his Thermal vision activated and saw nothing.He switched over to Alien vision and saw them every where but not like normal.They were hybrids called Serpent aliens.They were infected anacondas.They weren't as lethel like the normal xenomorphs but they were still prey.He was circled by Xenoconas now.They jumped towards him but it wasn't helping them,Zel'no'di shot his plasmacaster killing all of them in about three seconds.He moved to the next few rooms to find a very large Queen Xenocona bound to its eggsack.

Chapter 2-Mama's angry

Zel'no'di looked at the odd xenomorph hybrid with new ideas for it.But before he could attack a swarm of Xenoconas swarmed around his feet.He drew his wristblades knowing it would be easy.But two preatorian Xenoconas followed behind them.Zel'no'di switched to his chain plasmacaster and killed all the normal Xenoconas with ease.He jumped over the preatorians and fired his plamsacaster at full speed.The barrage killed one and wounded the other.He charged towards the other preatorian and stabbed its tail trapping it.He switched to Factor-X and blew it to where nothing was left.All but one Xenocona was left and Zel'no'di captured it for experiments.The room was filled with facehugger eggs and none but one opened.It was different from normal facehuggers.It jumped towards Zel'no'di but had wasted it energy,as Zel'no'di caught and captured it.The queen Xenocona was getting angry as her children were killed off.She tore from her eggsack and attacked the hunter.She only had two minature arms like all queens and was at a disadvantage.Zel'no'di shot rapidly with his speargun at her but she was faster than Zel'no'di predictated.She hid in a tunnel and erupted beneath Zel'no'di's feet.He tried to get up but Mama,as she was know as,wrapped around Zel'no'di quickly.His helmet fell off as he started to pass out.He gave a one roar and started to use all of his strength to move Mama's tail.He came out of her deathgrip and shot he chest with his netgun.She was pinned to the wall,while Zel'no'di activated his self destruct system.He threw it in the room as the it charged up.Mama got through the net and escaped through a hole.Zel'no'di got out of the cave as it exploded and caved in.He got up to find more to hunt and heard the sound of the Spartan trainees.

Chapter 3-The hunt

Zel'no'di knew the voices he was hearing.It was the Spartans he hunted often.He thought out of all the prey they were the most honorable with the exception of the elites.He cloaked ready for the onslaught he would bring upon them.But before he could jump to the trees he could hear branches rattle.

"Sarge how long will I be up here?"Asked Snipes.

"Until we get our marines out of here!"Yelled Tom

Zel'no'di jumped out of sight of the Spartans and retreated.He found the missing marines fighting a xenomorph hive.He walked toward the battle ground to hunt more prey.

"Holy sh-.Said a marine as his throat was slit by a xenomorph tail.

"Dale is down repeat Dale is down!"Yelled a horrified marine.

"We need to get out of here,NOW!"Cried a girl marine.

"Retreat,fall back,go go go."Said a marine before getting stabbed by Zel'no'di's Glaive.

"NO Joey!"Yelled Joey's girlfriend.

"Carol lets go we cant stay!Face it he's gone now!"Said a sadly by a marine.

The marines retreated deeper in the jungle,and farther away from the Spartan trainees.Zel'no'di seperated the Spartans and marines on purpose.

"Man how long will this take?"Asked Slash.

"If we cant find them in six hours a pelican will pick us up."Replied Tom.

"Great six hours in the jungle walking!"Sighed Slash.

"At least your not jumping trees!"Complained Snipes.

"You guys are such wusses!"Laughed Logan.

"Your right Logan."Tom agreed.

Everyone laughed for a second but the laughter was silenced by screaming.

"Quite everyone.Alright move out,Slash you stay with Logan.Snipes you get ready for whats ahead."Commanded Tom.

Snipes took his 50.Cal rifle out and sat in the tree waiting for the attacker.It was xenomorphs,but not normal xenomorphs.These were a new breed called Kreatorians,the king preatorian.They were about 15ft tall and had minature horns on the sides of there head.If they live long enough they become a new king xenomorph.

Tom and the trainee's hide for Snipes to take his shot.He fired at the first one and blew part of its crest off.That only managed to make it angry.They couldn't climb but they can knock down trees with there powerful strength.It started to cut the tree with its horns,tail,inner jaw,and claws.It started to make progress,so Tom ran toward the Kreatorian and fired his powerful shotgun blowing its head right off.

"Alright dad!"Yelled Logan.

The rest of the spartans came out behind the trees they were hiding behind.

"Good job sir,you too Snipes."Commented the Spartans.


"What was that?"Said Slash.

"I'm not sure,trainees get ready."Ordered Tom.

Chapter 4-The fight

The noises started to get louder and louder until it became silent.It was Zel'no'di!Being cloaked they couldn't see the hunter but they noticed his clicks and grunts as he grew closer.Suddenly,Zel'no'di shot the tree and Snipes fell to the ground from the tree he was posted in.Logan caught Snipes before he could hit the ground,saving his life.

"Thanks Logan."Thanked Snipes.

"No problem."Welcomed Logan.

"Get ready everyone!Make a circle men he can't all be killed if we stay together."Ordered Tom.

"So your saying someone is getting killed?"Joked Harpy.

"Don't count that possibility out Harpy."Replied Tom.

"Haha your kinding..right...right?"Worried Harpy.

"Why would I,now quit your cryin and get ready!"Said Tom.

Then the battle roar of Zel'no'di rumbled through out the jungle.The Spartans fired there mixed weapons toward the noises.But when the creature uncloaked it wasn't even Yautja.It was a Hexidus named Drienx.They were a species similar to the Yautja.They are smaller than some Yautja.

It had was hunting along side his master Zel'no'di.The other cloaked figure uncloaked and turned out to be Zel'no'di.Both hunters jumped down to fight the Spartans hand to hand.Tom took his Kama blades out while Logan took his katanas out to battle the hunters.Both Tom and Logan were skilled in the ways of the sword.Zel'no'di charged Tom as Drienx charged Logan.Toms Kama blades clashed against Zel'no'di's wristblades making sparks fly off the metal hitting the plants on the ground causing a fire.Logan charged toward the other strange hunter hitting the new weapon (created by Zel'no'di)called a Claive.The claive scratched Logan's armor faster than Logan could keep off with.Zel'no'di's blades and Tom's blades were locked together until Zel'no'di kicked Tom's helmet off.Tom got up and wiped the blood off his face and got ready to throw his Kama blade.Suddenly,the earth started to rumble as the queen Xenocona known as Mama came out of the ground and all the spartans and hunters fell through the holes she made.Tom's helmet fell into the hole with and as he fell he put it on until he hit the ground.It was dark,everyone was in pitch black.Everyone was unharmed until they felt Xenocona's cross over their bodies.

Chapter 5-Teamwork

Zel'no'di caught a xenocona that was close to striking him.He threw it in the air and threw his smartdisc cutting in half.The acid rained down and hit the wall of rocks melting them until they started to crumble.

"Listen 'cough cough' up Spartans those hunters are near and if they come to fight we do the smart thing."Tom coughed out.

"What would that be sir?"Asked Slash.

"Let the xenomorphs deal with them because we are to damaged to fight now."Answered Tom.

"In other words we run from them."Back mouthed Harpy.

"Listen if you want to get killed and be stupid fine by me but I'm leaving now."Yelled Tom.

"Dad,we're in a hole and there's no way out."Replied Logan.

"If we are smart we can get out."Sayed Tom.

Tom took his Kama blades and started to claw at the rocks."When I'm get out I will lower a vine or branch to get you men out."

Tom climbed to the top but his Kama blade slipped at the last moment and he fell to the ground."Holy crap!"Yelled Tom as he was hit the ground.

"Dad are you ok?"Logan asked.

"Not my day but i'll live."Said Tom.

Soon they heard the noises of explosions going off,it was the hunters.Zel'no'di punched through the last bit of rock getting to Tom and the Spartans.But as the cave stood silent the hunters didn't attack.Instead they used there translator to talk to the spartans.

"Do not worry we need to kill the xenomorphs first you and your fellow humans are to weak to fight now."Said Zel'no'di.

"You have a lot of honor Yautja thank you."Thanked Tom.

Zel'no'di and Drienx punched through the walls uncovering a new xenocona hive.

Chapter 6-Mama's Back

"What the hell.It's a hive of hybrids snake xenomorphs."Said Tom.

The old hive Mama made was destoryed by Zel'no'di and Mama was angry.She had been following Zel'no'di since her children were killed off.She found a swamp nearby and started to lay eggs.

"She's the one who dragged us down here isn't she?"Questioned Logan.

"Yes the serpent queen did."Answered Zel'no'di.

"Well then that bitch is going down."Yelled Harpy as he loaded his chaingun.

"Ok Spartans let get in there and destroy that hive!"Commanded Tom.

"Hu Ra!"Yelled the Spartans.

Zel'no'di and Drienx roared as everyone charged into the hive.Xenocona's came out of the wall as they attacked the group of Spartans and Yautja.Zel'no'di and Drienx shot their plasmacaster's at the oncoming enemy.The Spartans unloaded their magazines as they shot the snake like xenomorphs.All the humans and Yautja started to back out of the room through a hallway to escape.When they escaped from the xenocona's they finally found the queen's room with conahugger eggs filling it.

"Damn."Muttered Slash.

Mama slithered through out a escape hole she made.She hissed at her enemies as she got ready to attack.

"You are going down bitch!"Yelled Slash as he charged with his limp in his leg.

"Bring it on!"He yelled as he lifted his battle rifle toward Mama.

"Slash get back here!"Commanded Tom.

Mama hid her tail behind Slash before she impaled him with it.

Chapter 7-Spartan Down

The team was shocked as they saw Slash gasping for air.His helmet fell to the floor while he was spitting blood which fell and hit Mama.

"You...bitch!"Yelled Slash as he ignored his blood filled mouth.

"Serpent put the human down!"Roared Zel'no'di.