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Predatorial Halo's gameplay is a cross between Halo and Alien vs Predator's gameplay.As playing as your custom character (Elite or Spartan storyline) you play Halo's gameplay.But as a Alien or Predator it's the same as its' previous game.

Creating a character

When you start the campain on any campain you customize your character.You can be a male or female as a Yautja.You can also be a male or female as the Spartan Trainee.When you make your name as the Spartan Trainee you pick from different syllambles to create your name as the AI's will speak it.You can pick your armor as all the different species except the Aliens.When you create the Xenomorph you can pick from different things like spikes,head crest shapes,and tails.You can even pick 1 or 2 tails like Double blade.You can edit your armor as the Spartan Trainee like in the Halo Reach game.When you create your Yautja you pick different armor,skull necklaces,and your mask's spike,symbols,and eye color.

Yautja Weapons system

There are many different weapons that a Yautja can carry.There is a total of ten weapons you can pick from this game.The ten weapons are beside your dual wristblades are:

  • Smart disc
  • Plasmacaster
  • Combi-stick(can switch between throwing or melee with it)
  • Glaive
  • Netgun
  • Speargun
  • Maul
  • Proximity Mines
  • Ceremonial Dagger
  • Whip

You can pick 5 out of 10 of the weapons after every mission.You can switch them only after you each mission is completed.



You play as the Yautja named Slin'tar.He is an hornorable warrior and fights with honor.


You play as the Sangheili named Xerth.He uses dual energy swords and loves to fight along side the marines.

Spartan Trainee:

As the new trainee you are under the wing of Spartan 116-Tom.You will fight covenet,xenomorphs,and Yautja.You pick the gender,voice,and your main weapon.(You will always carry your main weapon but you can't switch it out you also must find ammo for it)


You are a facehugger in the begining in a hive while covenet,flood,humans,sangheili,and yautja are in a big fight.You deside who to infect.Picking the humans allows you to have speed and stealth.Picking the Yautja allows you to have strength and you can crush your opponets head with your mandibles.Picking the flood allows you to have speed and strength.Picking the brute allows you to have power and the ability to charge and crush your enemies.Picking the Drone allows you to have speed and the ability to fly.Picking the Sangheili allows you to have strength and crushing your opponets head with you mandibles with their teeth.