Red Subject No. 354612, or better known as Red, is a red Xenomorph created by an organization known as the Kanasuke Yakuza, who have been experimenting with Xenomorphs and Yuatja for over 100 years. Red was lucky, as he escaped the labs and managed to infiltrate a stolen vessel, which was on its way to Katana-5. Before leaving, he managed to overrun the labs by releasing all other alien specimens. One Yuatja specimen, named Shuriken by the Yakuza, was released by Kanasuke and battled the other Xenomorph mutants and also killed all other Yuatja specimen. Kanasuke managed to contact Weyland-Yutani, who had been searching for him for many years. Kanasuke was killed by Shuriken before Weyland-Yutani could arrive. In the Alien Story, Red had killed all crew members on the vessel, making it crash onto the planet known as Xenomorph Prime, the home planet of the Xenomorphs and the location of the largest hive. Red had managed to escape the Drones, Warriors and Praetorians that had been waiting for him. He finally managed to encounter the Goddess, the most ancient Xenomorph in history, being the age of almost 1000 years old. After fighting with two Praetorians and Shuriken (who managed to steal a vessel), Red fought the Goddess, with the result being Red as the winner. The Xenomorphs on Xenomorph Prime had seen Red bathe in the golden blood of the Goddess and see him moult into a new leader, the Red God.

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