Rex is the super predators clan leader. And the first one of any predator kind to see and kill a super alien. In his early years Rex hunted all species, all but xenomorphs. And Rex went to LA 9427 to hunt xenos. He land near the hive and kiled all in his. He soon found Alex. Rex and Alex fought like no other. The Alex the knock Rex to the ground. Alex changed, but Rex jump out of the way and shot Alex in the face with his plasma cannon. Alex triped and fell to the gorund. Then Rex made the final blow, sliceing Alex's head clean off.But he was soon ran into 3 other super aliens. He fought hard but was out macthed. Seeing he was doomed, Rex set his ship to blow up. The ship exploded, but Rex was still alive. Rex was also badly wounded. Then he fell to the ground. And slowly died
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