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Template:Characters Corp. Rex Tobias Baxter is an American and former member of the United States Colonial Marine Corps on the account of him missing in action. He is also the husband of Amanda Ripley-McClaren's clone Ariel Ripley.


Rex was born in Honolulu, Hawaii to a wealthy business man and his wife. He was known to have been a spoiled child when he was younger and did a lot of things that made his parents resent him and that caused them to enlist him in the military.

Hardening him to the point where he started following orders, Rex became a very popular soldier within the corps and even gained the respect of his superiors. He was then assigned to a small outpost on Alpha Centauri 3.

Xenomorphs & Yautja

While serving as a member of security for at least a year, Rex became itching to pull the trigger against something worth killing. His wish actually came true when it was reported that several miners were attacked viciously by Facehuggers. It was then after several hours that the Chestbursters started to emerge and then grew into full grown adult Xenomorphs.

Sooner than anticipated, more and more Xenomorphs came about, causing Rex to engage multiple enemies. After engaging his so far last enemy, Rex rested up and then that's when he encountered a Yautja who didn't see him due to the fact that he was hiding in a blindspot full of heat signatures that the bio mask couldn't detect.

He then decided to follow the Yautja who disappeared for a long while until Rex met up with him later on. The Yautja was ambushed by at least 6 Xenomorphs, but it was Rex's quick thinking and expert sharpshooting that saved the young Yautja. Realizing that he was an ally, the Yautja allowed him to tag along, however he had to rest up and receive medical attention for his wounds sustained. When the young Yautja mended his wounds, he and Rex headed to kill what was believed to be a queen in the mines where the ore was being excavated. It was then realized that the nest belonged to an Xenomorph Empress. Rex came up with an idea to take down the oversized bug and that meant that his Yautja ally would have to distract her.

Fashioning a trap for the oversized Xeno, Rex got the attention of the Empress and managed to almost have her eat him. Thankfully, Rex jumped out of the way so that the Empress chomped down on a barrel of explosives. The Yautja then utilized his plasma caster in order to cause the explosive to explode and therefore the whole brain of the Empress to be taken off. Because of assisting a Yautja, the young hunter honored his newfound ally with his plasma caster due to the fact that it was his idea that allowed them both to kill the Empress. Honored by his ally, the two parted ways and Rex headed onboard a UD-4L Cheyenne Dropship and headed aboard the USS Cameron Gale.

The War

After the fall of Alpha Centauri 3, Rex was then placed under the command of Sgt. Charles Harrigan. The Cameron Gale was then dispatched to the planet LV-429 where there was an infestation of Xenomorphs all over a Human Colony. Once they arrived, Rex realized that it was a hot season and that meant it wouldn't just be them and the Xenos. Searching the location, they discovered no bodies within the colony and therefore assumed that they were brought to be cocooned and become hosts for more bugs.

One of the big things that was discovered was that the colony also served as a splicing laboratory where the Weyland-Yutani Corporation worked on splicing t he Xenomorph's genetic code with other species and keeping them stable as well as used for a bio-weapon. It was then that the platoon's synthetic named Annette started analyzing the genetic samples used in the splicing genetic experiments. It showed that the hybrids came out as extraordinarily stable and as a result were what was running wild throughout the location.

They also discovered the DNA of the Yautja which Rex secretly took for his own use. When nobody wasn't looking, Rex took a sterile needle and syringe, along with the genetic DNA of the Yautja and injected himself with it, causing him to become more powerful than that of a human.


During the fight against Xenomorphs, Rex and his squad encountered the same Yautja that Rex encountered prior to this colony's infestation. Although the platoon was going to fire on the Yautja, Rex ordered them not to do so and explained that he was a friend. Rex approached the Yautja and greeted him in his language, which is something that surprised both the hunter and his platoon.

The hunter whom Rex can now recognize by the name Spike, tagged along with the platoon in order to assist them against the Xenomorph infestation. Eventually after engaging the hordes of oncoming enemy bugs, the group then encountered a monstrous Arachnid Empress hybrid that was more powerful than the Empress they encountered prior. Rex, Spike and the others engaged the monstrous bug and it seemed that their efforts seemed hopeless. Rex then realized that the creature was over a large vat of boiling hot lead. The web was strong enough to support the weight of the creature, however even the tensile strength had it's limits.

Rex got the idea to utilize their flamethrowers and destroy the web, killing the monster in the lead. Spike and Rex utilized their flame and plasma weapons in order to destroy the webbing, succeeding in doing so caused the monster to fall into the intensely boiling lead awaiting it below. As a result, the monster didn't die immediately, instead it survived and that led Rex to utilize the water hose, causing the monster to crystalize and explode.

Brothers & Sisters

After fighting the Arachnid Empress, Rex, Spike and the others later discovered a bunch of people about to be cocooned by Xenomorph Drones. They then managed to distract them before that could even happen and rescued the people. They eventually headed to an isolated human colony where more human survivors were located.

They survived the infestation due to being hidden in an underground bunker and Rex realized that it was a survival bunker. The group and survivors rested for a while, however many were scared of Spike. Rex ensured the survivors that he was an ally and that he is a killer of Xenomorphs. While the others got to resting and re-arming, Rex managed to repair a salvaged communication system and contacted the Cameron Gale. Sooner than they thought, the ship sent down an extraction team to rescue the survivors and troops.

Rex then decided to scout the perimeter with Spike and while doing so, came across an Armored Personnel Carrier. Both headed for the vehicle and checked it's systems, which sure enough worked. Rex and Spike then drove it up to the bunker's entrance where they loaded up the survivors and Marines. With just barely enough room for the others, Rex piloted the vehicle to the nearest landing platform where they popped a signal flare for the dropship. They covered the area until the ship arrived and many were killed during the fight. Once aboard, the others managed to leave the planet and the dropship launched it's nuclear payload at the colony. Rex left the planet, however Spike remained on the planet until his people came to pick him up, which wasn't long after the Humans left.

The Change

After returning to the Cameron Gale, Rex and the others underwent a physical and mental examination. A blood sample was taken from Rex, however the next thing was that the young corporal who injected himself with the blood of a fallen Yautja retained it in his blood. It was starting to re-write his genetic material, however not to the point where he would become a Yautja but become physically enhanced.

Later on after returning from his mission, Rex was found by Spike who took him to see the Elder of his clan. They analyzed his genetic structure, explaining to him that the DNA that he injected into himself and a genetic disorder in his body chemistry was re-writing his DNA. In essence making him a more stronger breed of human. Despite being against this, the Elder saw potential in what he had to offer, so he spared Rex's life only because he was something else.

Weyland-Yutani Corporation

The medical examiner who took Rex's blood sample relayed his findings to the Weyland-Yutani Corporation where it was ordered by Michael Bishop Weyland to have the marine captured and studied. Rex then found himself on the run from the hired guns and troops sent after him. He was then captured and taken by the corporation. They tortured him and interrogated him, however despite their attempts, Rex never answered and never lost hope. For 2 weeks, they analyzed his genetic material and realized that he was no longer human, but the start of a new breed.


After 2 weeks, an unknown intern of the medical team pitied the soldier. Without authorization, Ariel Ripley released Rex and accompanied him while escaping the research facility he was in at the time. Able to escape despite the Weyland-Yutani troops encountered, Rex and Ariel left the planet with the help of Rex's friend and hunt brother Spike.

A New Life

Accompanying his hunt brother and his new found ally, Rex met up once again with the Elder who let him live prior. He decided to honor Rex as a new blood, in fact the first New Blood ever to be created. Honored by this, the Elder allowed him to live on the planet Yautja Prime with his allies which Rex graciously accepted.

Before arriving on the planet, Rex realized that Ariel wasn't going to be able to survive while on the planet so he analyzed her blood and found that she possessed the same genetic disorder as he did. With the use of Spike's blood, Rex injected the DNA into Ariel and it started re-writing the genetic makeup of her body. By the time they arrived, she had already gone through the change and was now what Rex was.

Remuneration & Relocation

That night after they arrived on Yautja Prime, Rex and Ariel stayed with Spike until the Elder had returned for them. Rex and Ariel slept together, however Rex admired Ariel and asked himself as to why would she want to save his life. Later on though Ariel woke to find Rex awake and admiring her. He and her spoke about what happened and Ariel explained that she pitied him and that she hated to see him at the mercy of her now former boss.

With that said, the two hybrids then engaged in sexual intercourse. This of course marked their a great leap in their relationship. Within a week, the Elder had returned and explained to the couple that this species was to thrive and therefore would need a planet to thrive upon. This meant of course that they were sent to an uninhabited planet not far from Yautja Prime.

Spike and others accompanied the couple to the planet where they assisted them in the creation of the new race. Because they were to be the ones running the planet, Rex and Ariel were to be the rulers and therefore a palace was constructed to honor the new rulers.

Rise to Power

By the late 22nd Century, the race known as the Yumtja became more and more apparent. Rex and Ariel, now the rulers of the race have made allies with their Yautja brothers and sisters. They also are now the parents of a young son named Spirex (In honor of his hunt brother and himself).

They have evolved in the use of technology and even reverse engineered devices taken from the Humans to better improve themselves. Their society have also been shown to be very effective killing machines like their Yautja allies.

Ancients on Yumtja Prime

With the empire now established, Rex established others to learn more about their planet's history and therefore see if there are any other new ways to improve themselves. Archaeological teams worked on such projects and within a time span of a year, they reported a strange finding to Rex. This finding included a ship used by the Engineers centuries prior.

Rex was interested in this due to the fact that the Engineers were found on LV-426 in the Zeta Reticuli star system. Rex and others headed for the ship where they realized that it wasn't just a ship, it was a small outpost built by the Engineers centuries ago.

Physical Abilities

Rex prior to becoming a Yumtja, was known to have been a very skilled human soldier and utilized his natural abilities against his enemies. Now, Rex is known to be a very powerful Yumtja.

  • Biological Immortality: A major property of the Yautja blood that Rex injected is that it is a life giving source and therefore able to extend the lifespan of virtually any species. The only difference is that Rex's blood possessed a genetic disorder which is what combined with the Yautja DNA and therefore unlocked the ability to stop his aging entirely.
    • Accelerated Healing: A major aspect of Rex's immortal body is his ability to actually heal lost and damaged tissue faster than both the average Yautja and Human combined.
      • Foreign Body Resistance: Like the Humans and the Yautja, Rex possesses a very powerful resistance to bacteria and viruses.
  • Superhuman Strength: The natural Yautja is known to have a strength that enables them to lift a great deal of material and even smash through solid concrete. Rex's DNA has also enabled him to be somewhat more stronger than that of the average Yautja and therefore able to lift a great deal over his head.
  • Superhuman Senses: The senses of the Yautja are known to be far superior to that of the average human. This means that the blood enables Rex to hear, see, smell, taste and even fail the presence of virtually any known species.
  • Near-Superhuman Speed: Being smaller than the Yautja, Rex is known to have a speed that is near the level of superhuman. He's even faster than the species known as River Ghosts.
    • Superhuman Reflexes: An ability that came with the use of his near superhuman speed, is Rex's reflexes to be toned at superhuman levels. This allows him to move faster than a Yautja, Xenomorph and even a Human.
  • Superhuman Leap: An ability like the Yautja, Rex possesses an ability to leap at heights farther than that of the average Yautja.
  • Genetic Memory: A unique ability that was biologically endowed to Rex was the ability to gain the memories of the Yautja that died. He gained a great deal of abilities that gave him in advantage when encountering the Yautja.
    • Xenolinguist: An ability that genetic memory has granted Rex was the ability to actually speak and understand the languages of various species. This of course includes the Yautja language as well.
    • Technological Expert: The Yautja who's blood was injected into Rex used to be an inventor and master of technology. His knowledge of such technology was then passed onto Rex who put it to good use with the Yumtja race.
    • Expert Tactician: What the Yautja are in the terms of tactics, Rex possesses virtually every known tactic that the Yautja and other species possess.


Rex is known to have a great deal of skills that he has learned or have gained throughout his lifetime.

  • Inventor: Rex is known to have a great knowledge of developing amazing technology. With the use of the knowledge from his genetic memory, he is capable of creating devices no others are capable of making.
  • Weapons Expert: Being a soldier, Rex is naturally skilled with the use of melee weapons and firearms. He also has knowledge on utilizing weapons used by the Yautja and various other species.
  • Mixed Martial Arts: Rex is known to have an expertise in the use of mixed martial arts. This of course gives him an edge against enemies with lesser knowledge of hand to hand combat.
  • Advanced Hand to Hand Combat: As a soldier, Rex was taught how to utilize very advanced hand to hand combat. With a combination of his mixed martial arts, he is known to be a lethal weapon.
  • Master of Stealth: An ability that the Yautja are known for is their ability to hunt with the use of stealth tactics. Rex is naturally skilled in such tactics and therefore is able to take down enemies silently and swiftly.
  • Leadership: Being a ruler of an entire species is not an easy task, however Rex is known to be an extremely born leader that knows how to work politically.

Personality & Traits

Rex is known to be a very good person at heart, however when it comes to survival and even his job, he is very serious. He is known to be a very generous man and believes that his people should be treated to the best. Rex is known to have a good side to him as well and usually shows this when he's with his wife and family. He also has shown to be like this when speaking to his friends and at time his guards. He is known to be a faithful husband to his wife and an amazing father to his children.

Rex is known to have a belief that his enemies have an enemy. This was shown when he saved Spike from certain death. This eventually left him with the trust of the Yautja and the honor to fight along side them. When it comes to intense situations, Rex is known to keep his calm and doesn't stand for treachery. People who have also taken him prisoner are people he's lost faith and or trust in, making them dead to Rex. People who have saved him are usually treated with kindness and respect in turn by him as well.