Celtic Ripper or Nakta was a Yautja hunter


Early life

Nakta was the son of an Elite Predator and the brother of a Hunter. He later passed his training.

Xenomorph hunt

Nakta and two other Young bloods, flew to a Planet were a Yautja Pyramid was. They were not aware that humans had colonized the planet. They landed and soon found that Humans had colonized the planet. They found that they have destroyed the hunting grounds. They killed some Marines and headed to the Pyramid. After killing More Marines they found a research lab above the Pyramid. They fought through the lab and killed all gaurds, androids, and armed scientists. They made it to a Lift and decended to the Pyrimid. When down they found Xenomrphs and Androids. They killed all Androids then killed the Xenomorphs, one Young blood was killed by a Praetorian. They two killed the Praetorian and fought the rest. They found the Queen ready to attack, the two killed it and took the body to the surface, after arming the dead Predator's wristbracer. They were picked up by the clan ship, Nakta was now a Hunter.

The Fallen

During a hunt Nakta and four other were shot at by Humans. Nakta awoke to find himself in restraints, he was being examinded by scientists. They were trying to remove his armor, he broke free and killed the ones who shot at him. He found that the rest of the Hunters were killed, yet he could not find the last hunter. Karl Bishop Weyland was in the base, Nakta hunted him. Weyland brought out a shotgun and fired at the Predator. Nakta threw a smart disk that cut off Karl's hand, Karl bled white blood. Nakta knew he was a synthetic, he was about to kill Karl when three Xenomorphs escaped. They attacked Nakta, Karl ran away. Nakta took the skulls as trophies, he escaped. Karl and Nakta would now be enimies.

Predator hunter

The image of Nakta

The Duel

At the base Karl looked at an Image of Nakta, Karl told a scientist to work on a project.

During this Nakta was overlooking his trophies, a Praetorian, Xenomorph, a Queen, and human skulls. Nakta hunted many Xenomorphs, he had 30 burns on his head from acid. Five months after the incident with Weyland, on his way to a hunting ground, he discovered that Weyland was destroying the ground. He could not let humans disgrace the territory, he landed. After killing some Marines he made his way to a small base, he entered but was then locked in.