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Six and some of her Friends have a Night in and Play Games together over Xbox Live.


  • It's Free to Join the RP.
  • Don't mess with the Story.
  • Censor Swearing.
  • NO Pornography.


  • Six the Xenomorph (Team A)
  • Dark the Yautja (Team A)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (Team B)
  • Shadow the Hedgehog (Team B)
  • Lyc the Wolf (Team C)
  • Aela the Huntress (Team C)
  • Megatron(DOTM Version) (Team D)
  • Slender Man (Team D)
  • Crypto-139 (Team E)
  • Holo-Pox-13 (Team E)


  • Halo: Reach
  • Aliens versus Predator
  • Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
  • Minecraft
  • Gears of War 3

The Roleplay

Six: Alright. We all know our Teams so let's crack on. First Game o' the Night is Halo: Reach...

Megatron: We should of Invited Master Chief.

Sonic: Meh... We can't Invite everyone.

Slender Man: Dat True... Dat True...

Six: Let's just get on with it. Dark that's your Secound Beer and we haven't even started!

Dark: I'm thirsty!

Six: I'm not haveing a Drunk Team-Mate.

Dark: Urrgh... *Puts the Can Down*

Aela: Can we get on? I'm Eager to see how these Machines Work.

Crypto: These Monkeys have stepped up their Game with this Console.