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 notable for their elongated skulls and frail forms compared to other xenomorphs, sapiomorphs are a creation of the Brotherhood of Obsidian. possessing intelligence on par with a cloned xenomorph or an unawakened exomorph, the sapiomorph is unusual for the fact that stress heightens their intelligence and amplifies their determination, much like adrenalin heightens physical ability. this makes the sapiomorph an especially deadly combatant, but it also makes it useful for other functions. the BoO uses trained sapiomorphs for the repair of advanced technology, rudimentary combat medicine, service dog equivalents for disabled members, and, in one notable instance, as highly skilled chess partners. they are otherwise unremarkable compared to other xenos; their anatomy and reproduction differ little from "conventional" xenomorphs, though their reproduction is far faster than most other xenomorph variants. This could be a result of the altered royal jelly they produce, which is similar to the genetically-engineered "psychic" jelly created by Gropius Lysenko.  


 the sapiomorphs were created by BoO scientists when they infused a xenomorph with ethereal DNA. though they lacked the psionic prowess the BoO was hoping for, the experiment was considered a success. it is possible that the xeno-chosen is technically a sapiomorph.  

variant: psionomorph

the sapiomorph equivalent of an exomorph. psionomorphs are so named because they invariably have psionic abilities. these abilities are initially limited to teleportation and temporary mind control, but when trained, they can rival the powers of a high-ranking templar. psionomorphs are also almost always awakened, and many of the highest-ranking positions in the entire BoO are held by psionomorphs.