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Sauriomorphs are a host-based strain of Xenomorphs, which was spawned from a Gigantic Dragon Saurian.


This Xenomorph strain was first seen on LV-5449 after a scientist from Lasalle Bionational infected a trapped Gigantic Dragon Saurian with a Facehugger, which lead to the creation of the first Sauriomorph. They are only found on LV-5449.

Lasalle Bionational wanted to find out if there are organisms that can't be infected by a Xenomorph embryo. The Sauriomorph was a result of these experiments.

Appearance and abilities

Fully-grown, this species is able to reach the size of a Queen and surpass their strength. One hit of their giant claws is enough to rip a Praetorian Guard apart. Furthermore, a nigh-impenetrable exoskeleton protects individuals of this strain from being hurt by most projectile weapons and explosives. Despite their large size, Sauriomorphs are extremely fast. They use this combination of strength and speed to easily destroy armored vehicles, charging at them at incredible speed and easily flipping them over, leaving them as immobile as a turtle on its back.

Intelligence and behaviour

"What's that? They're attacking their own Queen! That doesn't make any sense, it wasn't planned like this!"
— Unknown scientist of Lasalle Bionational

Compared to regular Drones or Warriors the sauriomorph isn't very intelligent, and abandons tactics and strategy altogether in favor of brute force. the territorial instinct of its host translates into extreme aggression towards all other xenos--including queens, and even other sauriomorphs.


One specimen is known, which is more intelligent than normal representatives of this strain: Boiler. It was able to cut off the power supply of the Weyland-Yutani Station on LV-5449 and then waited until panic-stricken employees ran out of the building to then kill them. Boiler also was respected in its hive and didn't attack other Xenomorphs indiscriminately. It was one of the most loyal guards to the Queen.

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