Seabed's Nectar is highly addictive and seems to affect the human mind if eaten in its raw form. It was discovered on the deep ocean floor, under amazing pressure and extreme cold near the city of Rapture. The Parasites found on the bodies of Clover creatures have extremely high levels of Seabed's Nectar in their blood, and have been photographed digging into the ocean floor near Rapture.

The susbstance was dicovered by Ganu Yoshida, a oceanic researcher living in Rapture.In addition to its' addictive properties, Seabed's Nectar has the following effects: accelerated cell growth, increased strength, increased soft muscle tissue growth, sharper eyesight, better digestion, smoother skin, and a full-body, pleasant sensation that one researcher actually described as "a wave of pure happiness". In order to receive the full benefit of it, however, one must consume the subtance in a near-frozen state.

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