The Yuatja known as Shuriken was engineered by the Kanasuka Yakuza organization, as a subject of torture and experiments. He was born on Yuatja Prime and was taken on a hunt at the age of 26, but was seperated and captured by Weyland-Yutani. He was kept in ice for over 50 years before being stolen by the Kanasuka Yakuza. At the Yakuza's HQ, Shuriken was awoken and painfully experimented on by Kanasuka's scientists, along with many other alien subjects. Over 100 years after the Kanasuka Yakuza stole him, he was finally let free in order to kill the subjects that were released by Red. By then, he was mutated and deformed. His blood had turned acidic and his muscle tissue had been increased. Spikes grew out Shuriken's body and his bottom row of teeth had changed, giving him two upwards fangs. Shuriken had increased mass and was incredibly wild and deadly. His left hand had grown five long claws, while his right hand had a large organic scythe coming out of it. Shuriken is called his name because of the shuriken-like spines coming out of his back. In the Predator Story, Shuriken had killed all other Yakuza experiments, Yuatja or not, and and then killed the Yakuza members. When all other Yakuza members were dead, he battled the Kanasuka Yakuza Oyabun, known as Satoshi Kanasuka, who wore Shuriken's old armour and used Predator weaponry. Shuriken quickly mutilated Satoshi in revenge. He then stole a vessel, headed for Xenomorph Prime. He had to fight and kill his way through an endless army of Drones, Warriors and Praetorians. Thanks to his mutated body and organic weaponry, he had survived long enough to encounter the oldest Xenomorph in history, the Goddess. But before he fought her, Shuriken had to kill two more Praetorians and his destined rival, Red. Red was defeated and killed with great difficulty. Shuriken then unleashed the Goddess from her chains and fought her. In the end, Shuriken won the battle. Not long after, Yuatja ships arrived on Xenomorph Prime to wipe out all traces of the Xenomorphs.

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