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(Parody od Sonic: OVA)

Set in an Alternate Timeline.

Planet Freedom. 2253 A.D.

Six the Xenomorph is the Speedy Hero of Planet Freedom; Last Refuge of Humanity and Xenomorphs alike. Her best Friends are Dark the Yautja and Rookie the Marine. Together they fight against the nefarious Deacon and his Cybo-Morph Army. Recently things have been Quite... Until Deacon holds the Human King, King Gerald Mobinik and his Half Human/Half Xenomorph Daughter, Princess Seva hostage! He claims a new Villian Robo Deacon has taken over his Fortress-City of Deatropilis and plans to destroy the Planet with it's super Generator! But not all is as it seems... Shake your Rookie off, get your Dark on... It's the Six the Xenomorph Movie!


  • Six the Xenomorph
  • Dark the Yautja
  • Rookie the Marine
  • King Mobinik
  • Princess Seva
  • Deacon
  • Old Man Xeno the Wise 


Robotic Arms weld together Metal and Circuitry. The outline of a Xenomorph overlooks the production of a Robotic Xenomorph. He laughs like a Madman as it comes Online. The Lights shine on the Robot. "Excellent... My greatest Creation is complete... Now that pesky Woman will feel my Wrath!" Growls the Xenomorph as he stands over the Robot. He grins. The Number 6 is engraved on the Robot. 

Day at the Beach

A Female Xenomorph Warrior lays on a Sunbed. A Red Umbrella covers her. She has a Table with a Stereo and a Can of 'Chaos Cola' on it. An African American Human wearing Marine Armor runs past with a Type of Surf-Board. "I've finished it, Six. I'm gonna test this Baby out!" Says the Rookie as he runs for the Water. "Have Fun... Like a Kid with a brand new Toy." Chuckles Six. She puts some Black Sunglasses on, turns up her Stereo, takes a sip of her Drink and then sings along to the Song. "...Kickin' Ass fast, putting on a Show, got my dope sounds pumping in my Stereo-eo! In my World! Where one is all..." Six sings until Water splashes onto her. She growls. "Sorry! It was the Board!" Exclaims Rookie as he speeds on by.

A Small Hovercraft floats in the Air. An Eldery Xenomorph is flying it. He fails to notice the Engine on Fire. "There's the Heroine... Six... Gotta deliver the News!" Old Man Xeno croaks. He heads downwards. 

Six is still relaxing and is half-asleep. She hears a faint yell... Then another. "SIX! HELP!" Shouts Rookie. Six becomes agitated. "SHUT UP, ROOKIE!" Exclaims Six as she looks in front of her. She sees Rookie on his Board, with Old Man Xeno in his Hovercraft speeding towards her. She yells but they crash through. Old Man Xeno takes to the Air by accident while Six and Rookie are getting out of the jumbled mess. Rookie notices the Fiery Engine. "Six. Six! You have too help him!" Exclaims Rookie. Six put s everything back in place then lays on her Chair again. "You help him. You're the one with the Jet Shoes." Replies Six. "YOU'RE NO HELP!" Shouts Rookie, startling Six. He puts on his Jet Shoes and flys after the Hovercraft.

Rookie flys behind the Hovercraft. "Hi Rookie! I need too see Six." Says Old Man Xeno. "Ok but.... Your Engines on Fire!" Replies Rookie. Old Man Xeno looks behind him and then Screams. Rookie trys to get on the Wing but is blasted back by the Engine. "No i can't Fail." He mutters then he blasts off. He jumps on the Wing and Air Surfs. "You're Good!" Speaks Old Man Xeno. "Thanks. I've just had Practice!" Responds Rookie. As he unjams Old Man Xeno's Belt they Hovercraft starts to descend. "SIX! HELP!" Rookie Exclaims.

Six hears the Yell and jumps up. "Oh no... Rookie's in Trouble!" She says. She speeds along the Beach, runs up the Cliff, Triangle Jumps between some Spires, speeds along the Side of a Cliff Wall and then Spindashes up a Mountain. She jumps into the Air as the Hovercraft crashes into the Mountain. Out of the Explosion Six jumps, carrying both Rookie and Old Man Xeno. All 3 of them are fine. "Thanks Six! You saved us!" Says Rookie. "Great work, Heroine Six!" Adds Old Man Xeno. Six smiles. "No problem." She replies.

Later in the Forest next to the Beach. "So you see Six, Deacon and his Cybo-Morphs invaded the Capitol and..." Says Old Man Xeno, whos faceing away from Six and Rookie. Six taps him on the Shoulder. He turns around but still misses them and looks at a Giant Flower. "Oh, you're there... Anyway... then he overtook the White Palace! He's holding the Human King and his Hybrid Daughter hostage! Now he's demanding your presence." Old Man Xeno continues. "Well... I'll be Happy too oblige. Come on Rookie, lets go give that Deacon a Royal Beating!" Chuckles Six. The other Two Cheer.

Later in Freedom Fighter HQ. A Green Dropship with Black Stripes and a Tornado Symbol prepares for take off. "We'll take the Hurricane to the Capitol. We need you too watch over the Base while we're gone." Informs Six through the Monitor Screen. Old Man Xeno nods. Rookie gets into the Pilot Seat. Six stands on the Hurricane, arms folded. The Hanger Door opens and the Flight Deck Ramp extends. The Hurricane blasts off into the Skies at Super Sonic Speed.

The Capitol

The Hurricane flew through the Skies above the Skyscraper filled Streets of The Capitol Island. Xenomorphs and Humans looked up from their daily lives to see the Heroes fly by. The Hurricane slowed down and landed gently in the Courtyard of the White Palace. Rookie got out and Six jumped off the Roof. They nodded and then headed inside. Rookie loaded his Pulse Rifle and Six sharpened her Claws.

The duo walked into the Royal Office. The lights were dim. It seemed to be empty. Six looked over at the Royal Desk. The swivel Chair's back was turned. "Uh... King Mobinik?" Inquired Six. The Chair turned around. a 7 Foot 5, Black Xenomorph, with Rows of Spikes on his Pointed Head, Spiked Dorsal Tubes, Five Fingered Hands and Double bladed Tail was sitting in it. "He's not in... May i take a Message?" Inquired the Xenomorph. "Deacon!?" Exclaimed Rookie. "Thank you for joining the Party... My loathsome Nemesis." Replied Deacon. 2 Cybo-Morphs shot their Arc Cannons at the Duo. They backfliped and dodged. Rookie shot one while Six punch the other's Head in. The duo landed... along with the Bodies. "That's a weird Thank you." Chuckled Six. She Spindashed towards Deacon. But then stopped right in front of him. "I would'nt... Unless you want Little Seva to be hurt." Sniggered Deacon as he pointed towards a Fat Human Male with a Crazy Moustach and Brown Hair and Blue Eyes, in a White Suit with a Red and Blue Ribbon around him. A Female Hybrid of both Human and Xenomorph stood next to him. She was in a Black Tank Top and Skirt with long Black Hair, Green Eyes, a Tail, and Small Dorsal Tubes on her Back. She had very long Nails too. About 30 Cybo-Morphs surrounded them. "Daddy, i'm scared." Spoke Seva. "Six. Please listen too him." Pleaded King Mobinik.

"Thank you. I have important News... *Clears his Throat* As you know, Planet Freedom is made up of 2 Dimensions. The Dark World, where i live, and Skyloft, where all the Floating Islands of both Nature and Cities exist..." Deacon stated. "Tell us something we don't know." Interrupted Six. Both Six and Rookie were comically laying on the Desk. "Be quite!" Snapped Deacon. There was Silence. "Anyway. A Week ago i was living peacefully when out of no where a new Villian appeared! Claiming himself to be Robo-Deacon! His brutal Army of Muta-Morphs overrun my Army of Cybo-Morphs and i was forced from my Home. Now he's stored his excess Energy in my Cybo-Generator and it's going to explode by Sundown tommorow! If it does, all of Planet Freedom will be destroyed!" Informed Deacon. He looked around to see everyone asleep. "Grr... Fine! But don't blame me when we all die!" He growls. Deacon hits his Informo-Ball and a Flash occurs, he stands there, covered in ash. "Hmph. Why should i clean up your problems!?" Inquired Six. "If you don't everyone dies!" Berated Deacon. "Oh please, please, help us!" Begged King Mobinik. "Why!? 99% of the Time Deacon's lieing!" Responded Six. "But, Six, what if this is that 1%?" Countered Rookie. "Hmph... Fine." Sighed Six. "Very good! Oh, Rookie, you'll need this. It'll guide you to the Dark World." Stated Deacon as he put a Gadgit on Rookie's Wrist. "Thanks, Deacon." Responded Rookie. "Come on then! Let's get moving!" Spoke Six. Both Six and Rookie ran out the Door.

The Long Trek

An Hour later the Hurricane was flying through the Skys. Six was standing on the top. "Are you sure you want that thing on your Wrist? What if Deacon put a Bomb in it or something?" Six said. "But Six, Deacon gave us it so we could get to the Dark World. He would'nt do something like that until after we've done the work." Responded Rookie. Six shrugged. "If you say so." Mumbled Six.

Meanwhile at the King's Office. Small, Green, Holograms of Deacon and Seva were being projected onto a Board. They were fighting eachother. Holo-Deacon won. Seva layed on her side and squirmed while exclaiming "No, no, no! Not fair! You always beat me!". "Uh... Give up?" Inquired Deacon. "No!" Snapped Seva. "But..." Deacon was cut off. "I'll stop being your Hostage." Huffed Seva. ((In Progress))

Robo Deacon

Dark to the Rescue

Final Rush

Metal Six

Hurricane Repair

Battle: Ice Cap Zone

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