Necronom IV
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the skaedrell are a large hive of engineer-spawned white hybrid xenomorphs, lead by a king that calls himself the Pale King (no relation to the unfinished novel by David Foster Wallace). like all white hybrids, the skaedrell are sentient and capable of using weapons. however, they are also somewhat more intelligent than normal white hybrids due to their engineer hosts, and as a result are capable of constructing formidable spacecraft and advanced cybernetic implants.


the skaedrell are mostly composed of the remnants of a weyland-yutani breeding program. however, their numbers grew significantly after an assault on an engineer-occupied planet.


the pale king asserts that humans are destined to be wiped out by the xenomorphs, and that the skaedrell are the ones who shall bring this prophecy about. they seem to worship the Great Old One, calling it "Father" and building rather disturbing shrines out of human body parts, seemingly dedicated to the creature.