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Specimen: 1


Specimen: 1 is noted for her grey skin colouration, which is uncommon of the species. Her face also displays the fact that as an embreyo, she was mutated by Weyland-Yutani employees to have her eggs skip the natural "Facehugger" phase of the life-cycle. Her face now has a pair of mandibles which is shared by Specimen: 2. Many were mistaken in that they thought she was a form of Predalien. But this was dismissed when some pointed out that Predaliens have two pairs of mandibles, where as she has one pair. Her tail has also mutated into more of an axe shaped form, which should have became the natural blade shape.


  • Her eggs develop the embreyos past the parasite phase, and into the Chestburster phase.
  • Her "Crown" can deflect all fire-arms bullets.
  • She has a more human tongue, with no inner jaw.
  • Can learn any sentient language.
  • Can communicate to her hive almost as good as the Queen Mother.