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Specimen 11's Queen Form


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Specimen 11 is a xenomorph in captivity on Earth. The xenomorph was used in a high facility zoo, and everyone thought she was tame and domesticated. They gave her the name, Cherrice. She did little tricks for the humans, entertaing them as she waited for her escape. The zookeepers forgot to lock Specimen 11 up in her restraints and she made them pay. After their deaths, Specimen 11 made it out into the public and sluaghtered everyone at the zoo that day.


After she escaped, the city she was in decided to call in the Marines, in fear she would become a queen when she was actually a drone. The xenomorph freely roamed the streets, everyone terrified for their lives to step outside. The Marines arrived and searched everywhere. Specimen 11 felt their presence and entered the sewers, heading to a different location. The xeno arrived and entered a Weyland-Yutani trap and her freedom was short-lived.


When Specimen 11 was caught, her agitation grew. The scientists attempted tests on her, but she was disobedient. They didn't know why she was uncooperative while the other xenomorphs were obedient. Weyland decided to start shocking Specimen 11, which made her even more hostile. They decided it must be becuase the captive Queen was not hers and the drone was restless to find her real queen. They placed a tag on her and released her into different facitlies with different queens. The drone continued and, to their surprise, attacked each queen she came into contact with. The drone was fearless and wouldn't stop attacking other Hives and facilities.

Hive Life

After seeing these results, the Corporation decided to take the agitated drone to Xenomorph Prime. There she was released and under surveilance. The xenomorph traveled across the planet to come into contact with a Yautja Youngblood. The xenomorph backed off and quickly ran from him. She wasn't pursued because the Youngblood was confused by the cowardly xenomorph. Specimen 11 ran and ran, traveling day and night until she came upon a Hive. Cautiously she sniffed the air, tasting the Hive Queen's smells and pheremones. Then she entered and the Corporation knew this was the Hive of 'Cherice'.

The New Queen

The Hive accepted 11 in. Soon after, Mars, a male large praetorian, entered and slayed the Queen. 11 then fought to become Queen. She is now the Queen, with Mars as her King. 11 molted into her Queen form after mating with Mars. She grew spikes that lined her crest for extra protection and a club-like tail covered in spikes. She is around the height of 16 feet, small for a Queen. Weyland-Yutani came up with the solution that since she was small for a drone, she would also have the same problem as a Queen. The tension began to build between Mars and 11 when it came to down to deciding where to keep the Hive.