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Specimen 6 was a Xenomorph Warrior.

Early Life

Specimen 8 began her life as a small embryo implanted into a Human host. Once she matured she burst out of the host's chest. Little did she know she was being watched by scientists, and that she was trapped in a tube. She was then put into restraints, the scientists branded the number 8 on her head.


When specimen 8 matured, she was put through a series of tests. When Specimen 6 escaped, Specimen 8 was freed by her. She ran around the facility and killed many humans. When the Queen was freed, she and other Xenomorphs ran into the jungle. They went to a Human colony and built a nest. Specimen 8 captured some Humans for inpregnation and killed some security in the Colony. When Marines began to come, Specimen 8 attacked them. Specimen 8 made it's way to the Yautja pyramid to help six, when there he was attacked by Androids. After killing them, he made his way to six. She helped her kill the two Predators but fled when the Elite predator came. After six became Queen ,she became a Praetorian. She killed many humans to protect the Queen. She was became battle hardened, no humans could kill her. As if to end her fame a Predator killed her.