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The Spliced Xenomorph is the tamed species of Xenomorph that are created by Professor Rebecca Von. Drake.


It was first appeared in Xenomorph: Codename Seven

Life Cycle

Rebecca removes the Facehugger stage and modifies with the Egg stage to the Chestburster (renaming Xenoling) stage without killing humans and permanently remove Endoparasitic reproduction, Pupating Stage modified from the monarch butterfly's genetic. Gender, however, can be only be female which is because that Rebecca using New Mexico whiptail's genetic.

Egg Stage

It was smaller version of the Ovomorph. Unlike the original Ovomorph, it has solid, but vulnerable to a strong blast. The Xenomorph's eggs was incubated about three days until they hatched to Xenolings.

Xenoling Stage

Pupa Stage

Adult Stage