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one of the more dangerous of dr. vahlen's test subjects, subject omega is a cloned palatine spawned from an archon. normally, archon-spawned xenomorphs die immediately after chestbursting, as archons are engineered to be dependent on their cybernetic systems, and any archon-spawned xenomorphs inherit that dependency. however, the creature that was found in cryogenic storage by dr. vahlen along with subjects alpha, beta, and gamma seems to be an exception. as a result, subject omega possess the immense physical strength of normal palatines along with the high intelligence of archons. dr. vahlen improved subject omega by equipping it with imbedded armor covered in germanium antimony telluride, a material found in CDs. this armor allows subject omega to bend and manipulate light waves--allowing it to become almost completely invisible. while the xeno-avatar possesses a similar ability, it is based on psychic manipulation instead of light waves, and as a result, in only works on one target at a time. it addition, the suit bends, shapes and focuses sound waves as they pass through it, allowing subject omega to become completely silent as well as invisible. the creature can also amplify the sound it makes to dangerous levels, turning subject omega into a walking ultrasonic weapon. as if that wasn't enough, dr vahlen also gave the creature a miniature, cybernetic elerium reactor to replace its natural, biological battery, making it much harder to kill than a normal xeno. vahlen also replaced subject omega's acid blood with chlorine trifluoride, and the armor also has a wrist-mounted flamethrower that uses a methanol-based fuel, causing the fires to be invisible. like all of dr. vahlen's experiments, subject omega can open a psionic gate for a quick escape.

draugr suit

a scaled-down version of subject omega's armor invented by XCOM, able to be worn by humans. it was never deployed on the field because of reliability issues.

draugr armor

an elerium-reinforced version of the draugr suit with better reliability. invented by Ta-Jol Yothaneth long after XCOM was disbanded, it it also equipped with the same experimental warp technology found in the wraith suit.

    artwork by DrXeno.