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Sue and a yautja vs Serpantmist

Sue was the first human to be able to speak and understand the xeno hive minded, and learned not all are willing slaves of the hive mines.


Sue was a weird child that had a weird love for Xenomorphs. She had a unusual dream: It was xenomorphs crying in pain for what they have done. She told eveyone and of course everyone said she was crazy. Then she was asked about her dream by the government. They said to her parents, "This is unheard of and she may be a key. A key that could win this war. War? This is a war because a few bugs have surfed and taken 1 or 2 planets. More than that and not just human, but every alien in the galaxy have been attacked." Her parents and government continued until Sue said she would go to end the pain of the xenomorphs. Ater that she was trained to be one of the best in both weapon and hand-to-hand combat. She later became close friends with Ann. Sue went on only the most important missions to kill all of the xenomorph leaders. Sue's home planet Kal-Dera was attacked and Ann went missing. Sue vowed revenge on Master De Lacurmist and all xenomorphs.