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"It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change." ~a misquote of Charles Darwin

It is commonly known that the xenomorph copies 10% of it's host's genes before bursting out of the chest cavity. This is the reason so much variation is found in the species, and is one of the reasons it is considered "the perfect organism." But what no one thought--or dared--to ask was this: "What would a xenomorph look like with 100% xenomorph DNA?" Two young Brotherhood of Obsidian cultists found the answer in a genetic experiment.

The superiomorph is exactly that--superior. Stronger, faster, smarter, and deadlier than almost any known xenomorph. Other than that, they aren't that much different than normal xenomorphs. In fact, superiomorph facehuggers produce standard xenomorphs, not more superiomorphs. There are also some cosmetic differences between the superiomorph and the xenomorph. Most are obvious in the picture. What the picture does not show is the creature's long, sharp tongue, which it uses in lieu of the standard set of pharyngeal jaws. It uses this tongue like a whip, though it is also capable of impaling people with it. The creature also has several valves on its skin, which make noise to indicate the creature's mood.

Ultimately, the superiomorph didn't live up to its name. While initial test results were promising, the superiomorph was bested by a small group of drones during an escape attempt. Though the superiomorph was stronger, more agile, and more intelligent than the original, it was not adapted for the environment, unlike normal xenomorphs. The creature's noisy skin valves made it incapable of effectively sneaking, and it's large size restricted movement in the tight corridors of the breeding facility. In addition, the superiomorph was the only one of its kind; since the larvae dispensed by its facehuggers used the genetic reflex, no "purebreed" xenomorphs could be created, meaning that the creature could not make use of the xenomorph's infamous swarm tactics. Though it dispatched 3 drones and several humans, it was eventually overwhelmed. Despite the possibility of multiple superiomorphs being cloned, the experiment was abandoned, partially due to the fact that it was in direct opposition to the Brotherhood of Obsidian's goal: the merging of xenomorphs and humans.

artwork by Kory Hubbell.