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a BoO member wearing a symbiomorph. source:

A heavily-mutated xenomorph variant created by the Brotherhood of Obsidian. The symbiomorph, as the name implies, is a symbiote, as opposed to the normally-endoparasitic xenomorph. When not attached to a host, the symbiomorph resembles a blob of black goo, and is mostly defenseless. However, when it encounters a suitable host, the symbiomorph will cover the host’s body with itself, becoming a living suit of armor. Though it causes the host to resemble a xenomorph, the symbiomorph does not neccisarilly make the host violent, though it has been reported to increase aggression by a small amount. the symbiomorph conveys the same benefits as the standard nanosuit, but it is immune to EMP attacks. it also has the benefit of halting the wearer's aging process. It is considered a rite of passage for a cult member to bond with a symbiomorph.

variant: matrimorph

a symbiomorph spliced with parasite queen DNA, this variant allows the host to control small numbers of xenomorphs. this variant is used to control the BoO's mutanurmoph population.