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T-Yautja history

Many years after the war of the Terminators and Humans the Terminators were shut down.But in the year 2553 a Terminator type machine humanoid was created.It was called the T-Yautja for the look of the species known as the Yautja.It even has Yautja skin to make it look like a Yautja.The Weyland-Yutani corporation brung back the nightmare for security reasons after the Combat androids failed against the Yautja and Xenomorphs.But after stealing the technology from a Yautja named Zeakez who created the T-Yautja they had new security.They were like the Xenomorph Terminators.

T-Yautja weapons

The W-Y corp gave their "creations" the same weapons that the Yautja have.Ranging from unbreakable wristblades to a chain plasmacaster.They dont need a mask like their inspirations do because of their sensors implated in the robotic eyes.They have multiple human weapons to use as at their will.

Cyborg Yautja

Not all the T-Yautja are completly machine.There are some different types like Zeakez who is half Yautja half Terminator.When his plasmacaster malfunctioned it exploded causing him to have half his body replaced by captured parts from previous hunts.He turned on his clan and started the T-Yautja series which caused millions of deaths and still counting.Zel'no'di has faced Zeakez many times but neither has been victorious.