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task force Samsara-46 is an elite team of Colonial Marines equipped with the now-discontinued Weyland Nanosuit, established solely for dealing with xenomorph outbreaks. They are usually the first to respond to Brotherhood of Obsidian activity.

early years

samsara-46 started out as an XCOM unit, created to deal with what were then known as the Artinatura, a name given to the xenomorph species by the elders. though they were not equipped with nanosuits at this stage, battlefield accounts seem to suggest they were more skilled as an XCOM unit compared to their modern iteration. they did not have standardized equipment: they often used powerful custom equipment, usually taken from the aliens as trophies.

original members

Elena 'Outrider' Dragunova: a skilled reaper operative. used standard reaper equipment.

Yvone "Shooter" Flores: an elite sharpshooter and former colombian lancero with a rather unoriginal nickname. used the darklance and darkclaw, as well as the R.A.G.E armor.

Pratal Mox: a talented member of the skirmishers. used standard skirmisher equipment.

Jorgen "Stormwalker" Johnson: a psionic specialist from the templars. used standard templar equipment.

Peter "Snake" Van Doorn: a former UN official who survived on his own in the wilderness for years before joining XCOM as a ranger. wielded the katana and arashi, as well as the serpent armor (the origin of his nickname).

Duane "Professor" Hamilton: a former SARC before joining XCOM as a combat medic and electronic warfare specialist. used the disruptor rifle, as well as the icarus armor.

various SPARKs

post-united states

samsara-46 continues functioning as a USM unit after the founding of the United Systems, though their existence becomes an even more heavily-guarded secret.  


XP20: a semi-automatic pistol firing .50-caliber high-explosive squash-head rounds.

Cyclone: a highly destructive shotgun/machine gun metal storm hybrid weapon designed for decimating hordes of xenomorphs in a matter of seconds. the weapon uses a 720-round tube-like chamber magazine that supports extreme 30,000 rpm rate of fire, and uses magnetic acceleration to launch its projectiles. the cyclone sacrifices accuracy and range for extreme shot-density and multi-target suppression capability. the weapon also has an underbarrel airburst grenade launcher and a compact microwave beam weapon capable of melting through tank armor and igniting flammable materials. 

WY-102 Railgun

current members

Task force Samsara-46's membership changes frequently due to the fact that at least one member always dies in combat. The task force usually consists of 10 members: 4 Critical Skills Operators, 2 CBRN specialists, 2 Marine Scout Snipers, and 2 combat medics. Each member goes through special training specifically focused on combat with xenomorphs.