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a unique archon-hosted exomorph left over from various ADVENT xenomorph-weaponization projects. the creature's monstrous appearance combined with it's jet-based locomotion caused the troops who first encountered it to mistake it for a demon.


the daemonic one inherits its host's capabilities as a battlefield commander, and thus manages its xenomorph troops with remarkable efficiency. it also utilizes a staff-shaped energy weapon in both melee and ranged combat. unlike normal archons, the daemonic one cannot launch explosive shells; it might've been able to at one point, but it lacks a means to replenish its ammunition. when injured, the daemonic one gets an adrenaline surge that causes it to become faster, stronger, and more aggressive.


the daemonic one's reliance on loud jets to move means that it cannot effectively use stealth tactics. as a result, it usually leads frontal assaults on enemy forces, oftentimes using its own terrifying form as a distraction while stealthier drones sneak behind enemy lines. in one-on-one combat, the daemonic one has a tendency to grab victims, fly high into the air, and drop them, which nearly always disables, or downright kills, the opponent. the daemonic one prefers to drop an opponent on sharp objects to maximize damage, giving the creature another nickname: The Shrike. (a shrike is a type of bird that uses similar tactics on its prey.)

hand signs

the daemonic one often uses hand signals to direct its xenomorph troops. a list of these signals can be found below.

fist raised *by head*: stop/stay

fist raised *over head*: go

palm lowered: quiet/crouch

pointing: go there/attack that

fist in front of face, then lowered: attack (immediately followed by pointing)

circle made with finger: retreat (rarely used)

interactions with XCOM

though the queen of the xenomorph hive that XCOM battled was killed by the chosen long before the hive was actually encountered, the daemonic one assumed command of its remnants and continued to wage war against humanity for 3 years after ADVENT fell. this was the reason for the formation of the original version of task force samsara-46.