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This is the first story taking place in the Byaha universe, telling the story of the last humans on Earth, trying desperately to survive in a world filled with Daleks, Vampires, and dozens of other monsters. Will they survive, or will they be exterminated? Read on, and discover the answer.

Chapter 1

Slowly, the Dalek moved through the ruined city. The sun rose slowly, casting the place in a bright light. Rusting automobiles littered the streets, and every building was covered in shattered windows. The skeletal remains of humans, vampires, and other natives coated parts of the ground; the Dalek invasion had been swift and ruthless.

"Perimeter 4 has been secured," the Dalek transmitted back to base. They were currently engaged in clearing the planet of all indigenous natives. So far, they had exterminated almost every single Homo sapiens on Earth.

Suddenly, it heard the sound of footsteps running down a nearby street. It swivled, and saw a human running away, out of sight. "Send backup," said the Dalek, "Humans located. Exterminate!"

It immediately hovered up in the air, and flipped on the boosters. Those were a new tool; with them, a Dalek coud fly above the ground at fifty miles an hour. It quickly flew along the path the human had taken.

Once the Dalek turned the corner, it saw what the human had been running towards: a large armored truck. A quick scan of the vehicle revealed twenty humans within, crowded together. Gunners stood alert on stands attached to each side. As soon as the Dalek came into view, they sounded an alarm, and the truck took off down the abandoned highway.

The Dalek turned the boosters onto a higher setting, and accelerated after them.

As it approached them, the gunners on the sides began shooting at it. Turning it's shields on to 100%, the Dalek sped forwards, firing extermination beams towards the gunners. Instantly, humans flashed bright colors and dropped off the truck, where they dashed to pieces on the road below. A few more gunners took their places, and continued shooting. The Dalek quickly formulated a new plan, and hovered higher; it also sped up. Within a few moments, it sped forward and landed in the road ahead of the truck, and waited.

It watched as it's plan unfolded. The truck was moving far too quickly to stop instantly, and it rushed towards the Dalek. Then, the Dalek turned it's shield to 200%.

The truck crashed into it with great force, flipping over and exploding. Pieces of shrapnel filled the air, but the Dalek payed no attention.

Minutes later, the reinforcements arrived, five Dalek drones. "Humans have been exterminated," it told them flatly, "Let us continue to Perimeter 5."

Phillip crawled out of the burning debris, and groaned. In the background, he could hear the Dalek's voices speaking, and then fading out as the levitated themselves away. He painfully managed to pull himself up, and looked around.

All of the survivors were dead. Twenty corpses littered the ground, some with terrible burns, some with shrapnel sticking out of them, but every single one of them dead.

He was alone. As staying in one place was a bad move in the Waste, he decided to force himself up, pick up a weapon, and start walking. He chose an AK-47 off of a corpse, and took some sneakers, dried food, and ammunition off of the others. It was a hard thing, pulling items off of corpses he had once known; but it had to be done. He looked off into the distance, and saw nothing. How will I survive?, he thought to himself. But he knew that the best way to survive is not to think about the hoplessness of your situation, but just to trudge on. And so he made a decision, and marched off into the decaying wasteland that was Earth.

Chapter 2

The sun set over the Waste. Philip looked around anxiously, looking for somewhere to hide; staying outdoors at night was incredibly dangerous. Eventually, he found an old car lying on the side of the road. It wasn't much, but it was enough. He settled down in it, and prepared to sleep through the night. He rested for about five minutes until he heard a scream.

He bolted upright, gun in his hand. A human scream. At least one other human was alive. Or at least, for now there was. Phillip quickly got out of the car, despite the time, and hurried towards the source of the scream.

He soon came to a small campsite, with the smouldering ashes of a fire and a tipped over tent. Obviously, someone had been here recently. Walking around a bit longer, he found footrprints. Large footprints. Fresh footprints.

Suddenly, he heard a loud, raucous laugh. He quickly jumped up, clutching his gun. About ten feet away from him, a Super Mutant was pointing a bulky crossbow at him. Phillip cursed himself for his stupidity. He had allowed one of the stupidest creatures in the Waste to sneak up on him.

"Say goodnight, human scum!", said the Super Mutant.

"Oh yeah? You're just a stereo-typical non-human villain, that's what you are."

The Super Mutant looked vaguely confused. "What does that mean? And when can I shoot you?"

Suddenly, Phillip darted to the firepit, and kicked smouldering ashes up towards the Super Mutant's face. The mutant screamed in pain, dropped the crossbow, and fell to his knees. Phillip wasted no time in dispatching the creature with his AK-47.

After doing this, Phillip continued to explore the area. There were no other tents; by the looks of it, it had been a one-man camp. Sensing movement, he turned around, seeing a young man of around eighteen years old. The man (or boy, whichever it was) was pointing a rifle at him.

"Who are you?" said Phillip calmly.

"That's exactly what I wanted to ask you," said the man.

"My name is Phillip," he said, "I'm the one who killed the Jolly Green Giant over there."

The man looked at the Super Mutant's corpse. "I see," he said, "thanks."

They stood awkwardly for a minute or so. Finally, the man lowered his rifle slightly. "So, where are you heading?"

"I don't know. I just lost the rest of my group to the Daleks, and I'm just meandering the Waste now."

The man thought for a moment. "My name's Toby," he said finally. He continued to think. "You know," Toby said quietly, "I'm going somewhere. A town that supposedly has a remnant population of humans, co-existing with Vortigaunts and stuff. I could use someone with your skill coming along with me... would you want to come along?"

Phillip smiled. "I'd love to. You tell me the way, and I'm coming."

Chapter 3

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