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The Purifier is the smallest piece of Agrobarick atom which took form of human being. Because it's bpower base on a gigantic superforce atom, The Purifier has ability to control particle from an atom into a whole universe. The Purfier it self is an entity who are mentioned in a well-known prophecy. It is said that a being would come to purify all from a great darkness. But the truth is The Purifier, like Agrobarick, it goal is to destroy everything. It is started from the Ackhala multiverse, The Purifier destroy it. The destruction of one multiverse is just the beggining. But The Purifier talked into a mysterious man and The Purifier leave it's plan for a long time and if the darkness that bound all of being in the Omniverse isn't gone, it doesn't reluctant to destroy the whole of Omniverse.


The Purifier has 5 form, the first one is a male human form which has height like average of male humans. The second form is a gigantic blackened purpleish color. It height is 7 kilometers in this form. The third form is half man half squid form with size of 100 times of milky way galaxy. The fourth form is multiverse size humanoid form with it's back attached into the atom of Agrobarick. The fifth and final form is the form of Agrobarick itself.

In human form he has a white hair, wearing a black dark purple long coat. He's eyes has a blackish dark red color and when his power is going to be activated, his eyes will glow with a blood red color with black on it's outline.

Power and abilities

The Purifier have a great control over particle manipulation. One of the example is it can control a drop neutron star into a bullet. It can pulverize living organism by make the atom of subject destroyed one by one. It also can made a ball of dark matter energy which can make total desruction. He also can control over everything except time which including space, matter, cosmic, element, chemical element, etc. He holds power to destroy everything and create everything so he can destroy every living organism and can create the organism he destroyed to become his servant. But it most greatest power is the size. When it reached Agrobarick form, it has a limitless size because it is extremely gigantic size.