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Chapter 1

Layla's chatter didn't decease as the pair leaped from tree to tree. all she talked about was her brother Vick. the stranger growled lowly as she turned the questions on him, "Hey buddy, where's your family?? is your wife beautiful? do you love her very much?" He was burdened with the pain as he listened, remebering when his clan was destroyed by a large Serpent. he growled louder, quieting Layla. she worriedly watched him, holdong on tight to his shoulders as they jumped. 'HELP ME!!" She cried as she purposely let go of him. The stranger stopped and quickly grabbed her, and did a weird scolding noise at her. Trying not to luagh, she watched his masked face, wanting to see underneath.

"Do you know where Vick might be??"she said when they stopped. she held up a small photo of him, and the stranger took it from her. he recongized this human, he was on the Serpents' planet. He quickly pulled her up and began to look for his ship. He opened up the invisble spacecraft and let Layla and himself in. She gazed at the skulls of his previous hunts, stopping at the Serpents. Her fingertips lightly touched the cool texture, and she knew he was not human, for her species feared this race of alien.

She continued on, again lightly touching the skulls of the deceased. the stranger watched her reaction when she came to the human skulls, but was surprised by her reaction. she froze, and touched the skulls as well, wondering about their lives and their families.

Chapter 2

When they arrived on Xenomorph Prime, Layla immediately ran outside and looked around. "Where are we?"She asked. The stranger, now called Pit by her, made a croaking noise and showed her Vick's picture again. "H-He's HERE???!!!" She cried, adn happily hugged Pit. He uneasily moved away, and they were on the move again.

Pit entered his ship, and selected armor and more weapons for Layla to wear. He handed it to her, and she looked at it confused. "I have to wear this?? Really?" He nodded, and turned around for her to change.

Layla slipped off her clothes and went to work getting the fishnet over her torso. She placed the breastplate on her chest and hips, and placed the wrist baldes and the other weapons on. "Uh I think I'm done." She said, and the Hunter looked at her. The armor fit her snuggly, and she liked how she looked. He growled and placed a helmet in her arms. Slowly Layla placed it on her face.

Slowly her eyes adjusted to the human,alien, and regular vision. She looked at Pit, and saw a xeno sneak up behind him. Not thinking, she sliced it with her wrist blades, and stabbed it with her spear. Another xeno leaped at her, knocking her down, and Pit grabbed it and pulled out its inner jaws.

She breathed heavily, exhilarated and scared at the same time. Pit extended his hand and pulled her to her feet. the girl was silent for once, and followed Pit slowly but surely.