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This article, Ultramorph POV (LV-496 Fanfic), was written by InquisitorZylon. Do not edit this fiction without the writer's consent.

This is a fanfiction story, related to my Xenomorph Queen: LV-496 story, telling the tale of every Queen to rule on the planet LV-496. I have decided to do 4 POV (point of view) stories, regarding different characters from the story. My first, is obviously, the Ultramorph, who, at the beginning of the story, during the 1st Queen's reign, is the second main character. I have really fallen in love with this character (I based him off of unused Prometheus concept art, and the script to Alien Engineers), and molded him into this awesome character, sort of a giant Dracula Xenomorph, due to his thirst for blood, and also like the Grendel, from Beowulf, as he is also giant, nearly impenetrable, becomes bloated due to overindulgence of human victims (only in the belly area), and is, after all, a monster spawned from legendary descent (the Engineers). He is, at the most extreme, a butcher, and also the second most elder of the Hive, and hungry for power. Like the First Queen, he also cares for his offspring, which are both his and the Queen's, as they reproduced, using the Queen's backup human reproductive system.

Pardon my ranting, as here is the story. Sorry, again, but here are some warnings: Stories include sometimes grisly death, gore, reference of sexual intercourse, pain, pregnancy, and bloating (I have a bit of a belly fetish, if you haven't noticed already reading Xenomorph Queen: LV-496). Also revenge. If you are sensitive to any of these subjects, or just plain grossed out- you have been warned.

Story 1: Genesis of The Ultramorph

The first thing that the Ultramorph could remember, or feel, was warmth. Warmth, and a tight space around him. It seemed that the tight space was filled with some sort of liquid. He also felt a tingling... An energy like tingling, flowing through small tubes, and into his body. The tubes were not a part of him, just simply temporarily connected to him, feeding him nutrients, and energy to live.

Even before he was born, he was able to think. And he knew why too. Memories and knowledge was being streamed to his head, through his host. And because of this, he knew he was growing. He could feel it too. His limbs were getting longer, and stronger, his long, domed head was getting longer. And he could feel the outside surface that was containing him- the Engineer's skin, getting tighter. Every once in a while, the Ultramorph would feel and hear his host reacting to the large mass growing within him.

His Engineer host would occassionally moan, or shift a little in his sleep. The Ultramorph waited patiently, and waited to be born.

And after what seemed to be ages, he felt that his host's body was reaching it's limit. He cautiously tapped the taut surface from inside, testing it. It didn't stretch, and instead creaked, veins now more evident in the spot where he pushed. The Engineer gasped, before slowly regaining consciousness.

The Ultramorph knew that this fleshy trap wouldn't hold him for much longer, but debated in whether he should wait for the Engineer's abdomen to rip and explode on it's own. But, his patience was running thin. He wanted out, he wanted to discover the world around him. He felt a strange and distant urge to leave, and reach the source of the shaky telepathic message being sent to him, that was telling him to escape.

And so he decided, that his host had provided him with enough, and began to be birthed. He felt the fleshy, pale walls around him pull inwards, and outwards, quickly, and nervously contracting. He was done with this boring place.

He trusted his long, powerful, needle-sharp tail upwards, the tip erupting from the Engineer's navel. His host wept, and screamed. The Ultramorph recognized his host's pain, and pulled his tail back inside. He now felt some cold seeping through the liquid- the outside air. And yet, he was fascinated with the cold, and lusted for it. He needed the outside world, the telepathic messages throbbing, shooting through his head.

He moved his tail to the Engineer's lower belly, and stabbed the outside of it, swiftly slicing across horizontally. Now, he felt the liquid leaving him, pouring outside. He followed it, eager for air, and flopped out onto the cold, starch floor of a space station.

He felt... Everything. He felt the freezing atmosphere around him, the shiny slippery floor beneath him, and could now see his surroundings. He was in a white room, with a bed, that held the Engineer, that was hooked to a machine.

The Ultramorph then saw his host, who was now only weakly crying. His ripped and athletic body made him very beautiful, well, apart from his stomach, which was stretched, torn, and bleeding all over the room, intestines hanging off the bed. He then realized how suddenly exposed he was, having detached from the protecting body of its former host. It didn't take him a split second to see the obvious choice he had to take. He stood up shakily, his long legs a little wobly. He stood to full height. He was 9 feet tall. He growled, and crept closer to his former host. The Engineer weakly kicked it's bare feet, trying to scare the Ultramorph away. But, he continued, and grasped a cluster of intestines. The Ultramorph's mouth opened, to reveal a row of not so friendly looking, needle sharp teeth. The Engineer silently prayed, and the Ultramorph lunged, both mouths open. A loud cracking sound made it clear for everybody that the Engineers cruel fate had finally caught him.

Story 2: Meeting The Queen

The Ultramorph crept through the hallways of the station, searching for something he yet couldn´t define. Its mind was full, with the interesting and informative knowledge of the Engineer, creating a slight confusion while assimilating the newly gained information. He was still bewildered by the experience of killing his birther: It has gone so fast, no moans and screams, just silence after the calvaria has cracked. He was fascinated by something else as well. A calling, a mental beacon to a certain area of the ship. Something wanted him to come to it. Someone. One of his kind. It's serene, feminine voice was constantly calling him in his head. He was getting closer now. He could feel it. She was near, quite near. And then, he also heard weeping. A girl crying. He could smell the scent of... Something new. Not an engineer, but not one of his kind either. Following the cries, he heard a loud whine. A younger, less articulated scream. He followed the sound, his mental beacon also seeming to get closer, and closer as well. Until he found the source of the sound. And then he recognized the creature. It was a human, and her young. He knew of humans, from his host's mind. The Engineers had created humans, just as they created his own race. This human held a crying baby. He grinned with his sharp, unforgiving teeth. The girl saw him, and instantly began to sob. She tried to back away, knowing that the end was near. But before he could react, a long, shiny, black tail impaled the woman through the chest, and slammed her against the wall. The woman writhed and cried out in agony, as the tail waved her body around, before finally yanking out of her, dropping her body to the floor. The Ultramorph looked up. She was gorgeous. Her slender, smooth, curved exoskeleton was highlighted by dark blues, and a large crest grew from her head. She was his Queen.

Story 3: Smorgasbord

The Queen and the Ultramorph sprinted throughout the ventilation, their slender, bony bodies easily slipping through. Finally, they arrived at the desired location.

Here they are... , the Queen muttered, looking through the grates of ventilation to the large room below them, filled to the brim with humans, living in close, packed quarters, waiting for evacuation to commence. The Ultramorph drooled a little and the saliva dripped down the grates and on the blank floor of the room.

After carefully waiting, the Queen decided that it was the proper time to attack.

Now! , her voice hissed in his mind. They broke through the grates, and leapt down to the crowd of people, who immediately screamed, gasped, and tried to escape.

The Ultramorph landed on top of a man, whom he quickly cut in two with his tail. He bent down, in an clawing and biting frenzy, reducing the corpse to bones in seconds. Next, he sliced off several human's heads with one swift swipe of a tail, and impaled two like a kabob. Within two minutes, blood was everywhere. He noticed a mob of people, pounding on the blast doors, to try to get out. Without thinking he leapt upon them like a flying squirrel, tearing into the chaos.

There were now only five people left, who backed up next to the docking bay doors. The Queen ordered him to attack them. And attack them he did. Once he charged, they scattered, though he sliced two in half with his tail, and so brought a fast end to them. The other two tried to run away, but one was quickly impaled by the patiently waiting Queen. That left one. That one ran up to the blast doors, to open the docking bay to the vacuum of space.

KILL HIM! , the Queen mentally shouted. The Ultramorph sprinted at the young man. Just before he pressed the button, the Ultramorph sliced his hand off with his tail. The man screamed at his stump of an arm, which was now gushing blood. The Queen and the Ultramorph surrounded him. The Queen grabbed his head, and the Ultramorph grabbed his feet. In a desperate effort, the man pulled off his shoes, but the Ultramorph cast them aside, and grabbed his bare soles. The man screamed in protest, but they tore him in half, before hurling their halves somewhere in the room.

After killing everybody in the wide room and only leaving blood and fissured bodies the Queen decided to now find new breeders and create a hive inside the space station. She assumed that more humans or maybe even Engineers had to be there.

The horror just has begun.