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The Vhariiao are a Species of secretive nomadic humanoid native Asia on planet Earth. They are descended from a series of migrations of Space Jockeys whom came from space to study Humanity and its cultures in Asia but ended up either stranded or decided to defy orders to stay instead, By then they decided to interbreed with Indians, Chinese and Mongolians however their notably unusual appearance and superhuman abilities caused them to become outcasts in most societies with them retreating into Caves with local legends stating them to be spirits, Though many can also blend into society as long as they don't reveal their traits. A genetic test can be done to prove Vhariiao inhabited areas by the presence of a Non-Human Y-DNA haplogroup Z.

Physical appearance and biology

Overall Vhariiao are the height of Humans, Their eyes are very often narrow with black Iris's and their cheekbones wide, but their skin is a Dark complexion reflecting their Indian ancestry in comparison to their translucent white ancestors the space jockey. Their Incisors are sharp and triangular as a result of adaption to a diet of Animal and even Human flesh. Their nails are claw-like in order to tear flesh apart. In general they are stronger than Humans and even Predators but weaker than Space Jockeys. They have Black blood as a result of a composite Copper/Iron blood an adaptation to a constant warlike lifestyle as well as genetic engineering. A unique feature about Vhariiao is their resistance to Xenomorph blood, likely a self modification in case of a Xenomorph invasion. Their body temperature is commonly cold as their diet and genetic modifications meant they had little need for warm blood.


Culturally they have adapted local beliefs where they inhabit but in areas with no Humans they commonly grow their Beards long and shave their Head to Leave a Ponytail. They have a religion based on the religion of their ancestors but with Chinese Folk, Tengriism and Hinduism mixed in. Because of their high protein diet they often hunt down Humans with serrated arrows, But more commonly they hunt other peoples livestock if not their own. During the Xenomorph outbreak on Earth they had armed themselves without Human knowlege. During the Xenomorph encroachment they managed to fend them of killing them with unique weapons as well as their brute strength in hand to hand combat. Predators often consider Vhariiao prized quarry but rarely find them.