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Template:Infobox character Vir is a member of the Posvya Clan and is the eldest son of the leader, known as Agek Posvya. Vir is called a hero by his race, as he has destroyed several Xenomorph Hives. He is 25 years old, young for a Predator. Even though he is young, he is still an incredibly skilled hunter.


Vir shares a love-hate relationship with a Predator from the Kujik Clan, known as Jem. Vir and Jem are either trying to help each other during a hunt, or hunting each other. Vir first met Jem when he was clearing out a Xenomorph infestation on LV-659. There, they managed to destroy the infestation and then attempted to kill each other before their clan ships arrived. Jem is still alive and is waiting to find and fight Vir once again.

The golden Xenomorph known as Sirius is Vir's rival and sworn enemy. Sirius and Vir have known each other for many years, first meeting on LV-659. Each time they met, they would do combat. Vir's most recent and most difficult fight with Sirius was a year ago, when Sirius was a Praetorian. It is unknown if Sirius has become a Queen, or if Sirius has even become a King.

Sirius is not Vir's only Xenomorph rival. A PredAlien known as Leviathen has done combat with Vir many times. Leviathen and Sirius even met and the three of them had a large fight. Leviathen has a whole Hive that consists of PredAliens, meaning that Leviathen and her Hive have become a seperate species to the Xenomorphs and Predators.


Vir only uses his Wrist Blades in fights against other Predator Clans. However, in Xenomorph hunts, he uses many different weapons such as his Naginata and his Shuriken.

Posvya Clan

The Posvya Clan inhabit the South of Yautja Prime, where they rule and dominate. Their ancestors were said to be skilled warriors that wandered the planet, hunting everything worthy. Vir shows a lot of respect to his father, Agek. The clan has been known to sometimes become under threat from a Western clan, known as the Vossi Clan. But everytime they attack, the Posvya always manage to defend their territory.