Weyland-Yutani's own breed of genetically and biologically engineered Xenomorphs. These Xenomorphs were created for use during the season that Unblooded Yuatja hunt. The WY-Series are more intelligent than the rest of its Xenomorph species and are able to distuinguish human, Yuatja and Xenomorph faces. The WY-Series soldiers are bigger than any other Xenomorph soldier and are extremely deadly. Their main colours are white and green. Their biological weaponry are their bladed tails, their second mouths, their ability to make a Yuatja explode with its blood, their extremely powerful claws and their ability to adapt to almost any environment. Their job is to kill Yuatja and Xenomorphs. They are not born by Facehuggers, instead they are born from their Queen's eggs. They are ruled by a vicious Queen, who has been tamed and engineered by Weyland-Yutani. They will not kill humans unless ordered.

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